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Upon my arrival back to Flint from Cali, I was rudely reacquainted with the small town attitudes that I'd long forgotten. I was just returning home from the Marine Corps, and I'd been gone for four years.

The time I spent in Cali was a real eye opener, not to mention a confidence builder. I'd grown accustomed to being treated with respect, if not a certain degree of indifference when it came to approaching attractive women. So imagine my surprise when I returned home to find women who weren't exactly beauty queens behaving like total divas.

Mind you, I'm not exactly chopped liver in the looks department, so I have had more than my share of pretty women. I simply didn't expect so many average to below average looking women to come with so much attitude.

While in Cali, it was nothing to have two or three prospective bed-mates in one night at the same club, so I knew I had some game, but back in Flint, I was getting snubbed with disturbing regularity. I guess what was most disconcerting was the fact that most of these chicks wouldn't even warrant a second glance in Cali.

I'd grown accustomed to polite, well mannered sista's, even when being turned down, but this was something else; a bunch of average looking , but stuck up, even some arrogant and downright rude women.

While this didn't shake my confidence, it still pissed me off enough to decide on leaving the city while out clubbing. After going to clubs in surrounding areas; Detroit, Lansing, even Pontiac, I was now convinced that this was definitely a Flint phenomena.

So while out at a club with my homies one Saturday night, I ran into my little sis. She hadn't seen me since I was home, and came up giving me a big hug and kiss. I heard her friend say "damn Deb, who the fuck is that?" Girl that's my big brother. Her friend, an old classmate of mine whom I hadn't seen in years, didn't recognize me.

Her name was Bridget, and she was, to put it politely, mot the prettiest of women, but her body, was somewhere between Serena and Venus, but more towards Serena. I would later find out that this was not only her best friend, but also her roommate.

A few weeks passed and I visited my sister's home several times, and each time I did, Bridget would talk "shit" to me, like ooh girl your brother is fine, but I'd rock his world. I always laughed this off, as I knew she simply wasn't my type.

One particular Friday night, I was visiting and Bridget began her routine, which I again just laughed off. We were watching TV and lounging around when Bridget got up to use the bathroom and I took a look at her butt.

Damn, but she's got a big butt, I said. My sis laughed and said, she said she'd put it on you, and have you whipped good. I had to laugh at this; I hadn't been whipped in years, and what's more, I hadn't heard that term in a while. When she returned, Bridget asked what was so funny, that you think you could whip me...ha ha, that's funny. Oh, you think it’s a joke, she replied. Nope, I know it’s a joke, I added. We went back and forth for a few more minutes, until my sis goes' both of y'all talkin' shit, and neither of y'all is backin' it up."

I guess I just never considered Bridget as being attractive, even though she didn't clean up too badly, but that was just it; she wore way too much make-up and always carried herself like a slut back in school.

I gave my sis an acknowledged nod and smiled. The Bridget mocked me again, saying yeah you're awfully quiet now ain’t you? Ha, ha, I laughed again, girl you don’t want to start making noise…Please, man whatever. I hadn’t even planned on doing anything with Bridget, but she did throw down the gauntlet, so I had to either put up or shut up. I chose the former.

It was getting late, the kids were already in bed and asleep, I even though I wasn’t that far from home, I now purposed myself to make Bridget eat her words. Sis started yawning as we watched some stupid movie on TV; this movie is dumb, she said, I’m turning in for the night. I winked at her and told her to go ahead. Now Bridget and I were alone watching TV, and she was strangely quiet. I glanced over at the clock at it read a quarter to one. Wow it is getting late, I thought. As if reading my mind, Bridget said what time are you leaving? Oh, I’m not leaving tonight, I’m sleeping with you.

Oh no you ain’t, she remarked in a playful tone. Watch me, I replied. Look man it’s getting’ late, now come on, I have to make sure the doors and locked before you leave. You can make sure whatever you want, I said, because I ain’t leaving tonight. She still thought I was playing with her, so now she starts getting agitated; look man this shit ain’t funny no more. That’s why I ain’t laughing either, I’m dead serious. She looked at me with a frown on her face; no you ain’t, now quit playin’ it’s getting’ late, and I’m ready to go to bed. Fine, I said, let’s go.

You think this shit is funny, she added, but I ain’t in no mood to play no more, so you can just let yourself out; she stalked out of the room, not even bothering to look back. I waited a few seconds before I followed her into her bedroom. She looked at me through narrow eyes; you always did play too damn much. She took her gown out of her dresser and walked into the bathroom to change, she didn’t even bother closing the door all the way, and as I listened to her brush her teeth and readying for bed, I quickly disrobed and slid underneath the covers on her bed.

She walked into the room, and looked at me in her bed, and the look of anger on her face turned to surprise. Man, what do you think you’re doing? I had pulled the covers up around my shoulders, and as she stood waiting for me to get out of bed, I slowly lowered the covers, exposing my bare shoulders. Don’t tell me you were serious, the disbelief apparent in her voice. The covers were now past my stomach and as my pubic hairs came into view, she covered her mouth with her hands. Yes I was, so you might as well lose that gown, because you won’t need that tonight.

She stood with hands on hips, and a confused look on her face; I don’t believe you are serious. Oh, I’m very serious, now get that gown off and come here. My dick was already hard, and as she slid the straps of her gown off her shoulders, and her breasts came into view, my mouth was watering too.

I hadn’t noticed how big her breasts were, because her butt was so damn big; it was all I ever noticed. Damn girl, you got some nice titties; she smile sheepishly as she wiggled her gown down her hips. As her pubes came into view, I was like damn, you got a fro down there don’t you? As she let her gown fall to the floor, I told her to turn around; I wanted to see that big ass of hers. She turned giving me a look at her butt. Damn, I said as she climbed onto the bed, I remembered what my older bruh always told me as I looked down at her face, he’d say “a stiff dick has no conscience and a pussy has no face.” Words to live by , I thought to myself as I lowered my lips to hers

As I lowered my lips to Bridget's, I was surprised that she didn't know a thing about kissing, as I knew she was fucking way back in junior high. She actually felt it weird that I would stick my tongue into her mouth. Then it occurred to me; a lot of the guys who fucked her, simply gave her the ole wham bam thank you ma'am treatment.

Having been raised with four sisters, I knew better than to treat a woman like this, and up until this period in my life, I just assumed that this was the norm. As Bridget finally warmed to french kissing, she kissed me passionately; moaning into my mouth. Some freak she turned out to be; all she knew was ten toes up and ten toes down.

I discovered that night, that an ugly woman's lips are just as soft as a beautiful woman's. As I kissed my way to her breasts, I thought she'd lose her mind, as she panted and moaned, oh yeah, yes, yes... all through the night. I wanted so badly to eat her pussy, but for some reason, I thought better of it. The way she reacted to having her breasts sucked, I knew she was ready for that yet.

As I explored Bridget's body that night, I was shocked by how little she knew about her own body; she'd been fingered before, but nobody had ever played with her clit. She told me most of the guys she'd been with, simply fingered her to make sure she was wet before they fucked her. There was never any kissing, or any of the little intimate things that I simply took for granted.

I took most of this in stride, but I couldn't believe she'd never done it doggy-style. what do you want me on my hands and knees for, she nervously asked me. As I looked down at her wide heart-shaped ass, I thought, this ass was tailor made for doggy-style. I was a little disappointed that we could only do it like this for brief moments as she was moaning so loudly, she thought she might wake the kids up. She rolled back onto her back, and again I was surprised by her lack of flexibility as she complained of cramping when I lifted her ankles over my shoulders.

Bridget's body looked to be in such good shape; no fat anywhere except that fat ass of course, her legs were toned and shapely as was the rest of her body, but she said that was all natural, she never did any exercise. Well she did some that night as we fucked well into the wee hours of the morning. We did it three times on that first night, and she was acting like she'd never done it before. I couldn't believe how snug her pussy felt as we did it.

As we lay spent and exhausted in each other's arms, she finally got up to put her gown back on. What are you putting that back on for, I asked. Because I'm not used to sleeping naked that's why. Well you might as well get used to it now, because whenever I sleep over, that's what I'll expect.

I pulled her back into bed and tossed her gown across the room, and as we settled in for some much needed sleep, I spooned with her, cupping one of her breasts as we slept. The next morning as the sun peeked through the window, I watched Bridget as she got up to use the bathroom; damn she ass was just ridiculous as it swayed when she walked, I got an instant erection.

When she returned and saw the tent in the covers, she shook her head, nope the kids should be stirring any minute now, so just get that thought out your head. And damn, she was right, I could hear their little footfalls as they ran around upstairs. She and my sister each had a kid, and they were both five yrs old.

As we washed ourselves, my erection was still on full blast; my goodness she said, do you ever get enough? And moving in behind her, I wedged it into the crack of her ass and cupped both her breasts. as we stood in front of the sink. Does this answer your question. She laughed loudly as she squeezed her ass cheeks around my dick, I told you not now, the kids are up. Yeah I know, but the next time, we're sending them to stay overnight with their grannies, and I am literally going to fuck your brains out...Damn, oh no you didn't, the smile on her face faded as she looked at the serious expression on my face in the mirror.

Damn, she said, in all seriousness, that sounds like a threat. Nope, no threat, that's a promise, She again smiled as she looked back at me and I kissed her again, and with my erection still wedged in the crack of her ass, I could tell she was thinking of having another go right then, but the shrieks of her son'e voice quickly dispelled that notion. Mamma, where you at? He called out as her entered her room, I'm hungry. I'm in the bathroom, now get out of my room, I'll be there in a minute, she called back. Fuck, she said as she pushed me away, we gotta get dressed. I know, I know I said as I stuffed my dick back into my underwear.

We quickly dressed and as we came out of her bedroom , my sis looked at me for a sign. I nodded my head with a sly smirk on my face, and she burst into laughter. I'll tell you all about it later, I said as I grabbed my jacket.

Later was only a few hours or so, as my sis called me telling me, damn man what did you do to my roommate?, she's been grinning like a school girl all morning. I could here her denying that in the background as my sis laughed into the phone. Hey sis, ask her who's whipped now? My sister actually dropped the phone on that one, I could hear her as she apparently rolled around on the floor. Just tell her, that wasn't shit, I replied... I never did properly "do" Bridget like a really wanted to, but we did have a few more sessions, but she changed me whole perception of ugly women...the end, for now anyway

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  • Shawn Richards
    Shawn Richards
    Damn bruh... Shawn Richards here. (look me up on facebook & blackplanet...) This piece right here was tough... MAD PROPS!!!

    Damn bruh... Shawn Richards here. (look me up on facebook & blackplanet...) This piece right here was tough... MAD PROPS!!!

  • dustin
    I like to have fun if you know what i mean.

    I like to have fun if you know what i mean.

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