The Elevator


As the doors were closing he managed to sneak his hands between them. There was a soft chiming noise and then they opened and up again with a whisper of gears and pulleys. She was standing with her back pressed to the mirrored back of the elevator, her firm ass pressed against the hand rail there. She was wearing a grey pencil skirt and small grey jacket on a black satin blouse.

He quickly admired how her clothes fitted the shape of her. The lines of her body, the swell of her womanhood. Her hair pulled back and her cheekbones defined, yet still soft. He was wearing a brown tweed suit and crisp powder blue shirt, a pale gold tie. Did he feel her eyes on him? Did the shift quickly?

He smiled at her, perfunctory. She smiled back and looked away. He pressed the button for his floor and it lit up with a gentle yellow light. He stood next to her. Her perfume smell had already filled the elevator, all peppery and flowery. He stood next to her and breathed deep. She turned slightly and then turned back to the doors.

He felt the brush of her jacket sleeve against his arm and it was like static electricity. He turned and she was looking into his eyes. There was something there. A wildness. something that might be terribly wrong. Something that might be close to perfection. He could feel his heart beat, and the movement of the elevator. She walked over to the control panel and opened it. When she pressed the emergency stop button the elevator stopped and it felt like his heart stopped too. A chiming sound filled the small space. A warning.

As she walked toward him she slowly hiked up her skirt exposing the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings, her creamy thighs and satin panties. He could feel his heart start again. It pulsed in time with his cock. She pressed up against him with the force of a fever dream. His hands naturally found her ass and gripped her panty clad ass, the smooth satin on his fingertips as he gripped them tight and lifted her a little off the ground. Grinding his hardness into her as she slowly opened her lips.

Her tongue sliding out and he sucked at it, tasting the squirminess of it, the sweetness of it. There was a pulse there as well, and he wanted more of it. As he turned her and pressed her against the cold glass of the mirror, part of his mind was thinking about how long it would take for the maintenance services to come and see what was wrong with the elevator. The other part was thinking about what her pussy would taste like.

He sank to his knees, kissing her bare thighs above the stockings. Gripping her satin panties and pulling them to one side, he started to lick and lap at her perfect slit, parting her pussy lips with her tongue, finding her clit and concentrating there. She spread out her arms and gripped the mirror with her palms as he worked her perfect pussy with his tongue, enjoying the sour sweet flavour of her. Moaning low as she moved her pussy against his tongue.

He stood up and she slid down. Quickly undoing his belt as she nestled in between his legs. Taking his cock out, her soft moist lips wrapping around the head of his dick. It jumped a little on her tongue and she started to take it deep, sucking him into her throat and holding him there, letting him feel her gag reflex constricting on him. He ran his hands through her hair and guided her mouth on his cock. She moaned on his cock and he felt the vibrations, nearly tipping him over the edge.

He gripped her by the hair and hauled her up, turning her around. her hands pressed against the mirrored wall of the elevator, looking into her own eyes as he hauled up her skirt and gripped her satin panties, tearing them off her body. He placed the throbbing head of his cock against her wetness and pushed hard, spearing her on it. Her orgasm came immediately, her body shuddering and her face twisted in pleasure and surprise.

He kept fucking her, long hard strokes that rocked her body. Pumping into her over and over. Gripping her hair and making her watch her own facial expressions as he fucked deep into her. She pushed back at him with her hips, trying to take more of his fat cock. He gripped her hip with one hand and a fistful of her hair with the other, ramming into her faster, her second orgasm building up, her body shaking, gasping for air and then her throat freezing up. Moans bursting forth from her as his cock emptied into her perfect wet pussy, load after load shooting deep into the centre of her.

He pulled out and did him self up. His cum was leaking down her thighs. She picked up her ripped satin panties and used them to clean herself off, stuffing the soiled material into her briefcase.

He moved to the control panel and turned off the emergency stop. The chiming stopped and the elevator lurched into motion again.


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