Stress Relief

Toni sat with her girlfriends at their table during Happy Hour. They were all toasty and feeling very unnecessary. They were celebrating. Toni had just received word that she was being promoted. She was a prosecutor in the district attorney's office and she would be the second chair when the DA tried a case or she'd be the lead on super important cases. She worked very hard to get where she was and she was proud of her accomplishments.

Perhaps she worked too hard. She tried the marriage thing but she failed miserably at being a wife. As fine as she was, her husband grew frustrated at her unavailability. He left her after only a couple of years of marriage. Nowadays the 33 year old, newly single lawyer rarely dated and was very sexually repressed. The long hours at work kept her mind off of her libido.

With all the hard work and successes, Toni's star was rising in the office. But who would she share her success with? That was her dilemma. Her girlfriends had other ideas. Toni needed some dick, plain and simple. Call it stress relief but it was what it was. They didn't think it was good for her to work so hard on stressful cases then go home alone to an empty bed. Toni needed to get off they thought and they tried hooking her up with any potentially capable suitor they could find. No one tickled her fancy though.

When her promotion was announced, they took her out to celebrate. Hence their Happy Hour visit. It took a bit of convincing but they got Toni to take a couple of shots. Toni loved her co-workers, especially her legal assistant slash investigator, Mimi. Mimi was a 40 year old, hard-drinking divorcee who was just as devoted to her job as Toni was.

"Here's to my girl's success. May you have many more triumphs in your life and hopefully soon, some good dick!!!" she exclaimed, raising her drink. Toni put her face in her hands in feigned embarrassment. But she loved her girl.

"Thank you Mimi." she said appreciatively. She didn't know about the dick thing but she looked forward to many more successes in her office. Everyone raised their glasses and tossed down their drinks. Toni was feeling really good. The alcohol was doing its job as it coursed through her bloodstream and went straight to her brain. All of her stresses melted away and feel good endorphins spread throughout her body.

Then he came in. He was a tall, lean sexy brotha with short dark hair and a full mustache and beard. He walked confidently to the bar and sat down. Toni watched him order his drink. A Godfather, amaretto and Glenfiddish, light on the ice. A refined man's drink, she thought. He swirled the small straw around the glass and put the straw on the bar. He took a sip of the drink and turned around to take in his surroundings.

Steven had just gotten off shift and had went home to change and shower. He was an emergency medical tech for the local hospital and had an usually tough day. Now he felt relaxed as he watched all of the smiling faces around the bar. Then his eyes settled on her.

She was petite, small even. With her hair pulled back in a very business-like bun, he took in her classic beauty. Her button nose, green eyes, smooth caramel skin, her full sensuous mouth. He thought he detected a hint of a smile when their eyes met. He smiled back. Her girlfriends blew her up when they saw her staring at him. A waitress strolled by him and he stopped her. He notioned to the table where the girls were and asked what the young lady in the business suit was drinking and offered to buy another one. The waitress went off to get the drink.

When the waitress appeared with the drink, Toni was delightfully surprised. She accepted the drink and sipped on it. "He bought me a drink. Should I go thank him for it?" she asked Mimi.

"Hell yeah, girl. Go for it." Mimi said with a mischevious twinkle in her eyes.

Toni got up and walked slowly to the bar. She was trying not to stumble as she was feeling the effects of the alcohol but her walk was sensuous and sexy. At least that's what Steven thought. He looked her over as she approached him. She looked like a bookworm but a very sexy one. He was curious about her little petite body and wondered what she looked like under those clothes. He was mostly into thicker women but there was something about this one that intrigued him.

"Hi there." Steven said with a smile. "You got your drink huh?"

"Yes I did. Thank you very much." Toni said. "I'm Toni." she offered, holding her hand out. Steven took it and gave a light shake.

"My name is Steven." he said then notioned towards her table of girlfriends, who were watching intensely. "Out celebrating?" he asked.

Toni looked back at her girls and smiled. "Yes. I just got promoted." she said.

"Oh wow, congratulations." Steven said. "What kind of work do you do?"

"I'm an assistant district attorney." Toni said. Steven smiled and nodded.

"Stressful work. It's good to let loose every so often." he said.

"Yes, that's what I'm being told. They say I work too hard and I'm alone all of the time." Toni said with an embarrassed smile. What do you do for a living?"

"I'm an EMT. And I'm taking pre-med classes. Trying to figure out if I want to really pursue it." Steven said.

"I see." Toni said, nodding and sipping her drink. "What is your heart telling you?"

Steven thought about this question. "I've always been interested in medicine but I was an athlete in school and sports was more important. So I honestly don't know. I'm a pretty good EMT so maybe I should pursue it. I have a feeling I'd be pretty good at it." he replied.

"That's great." Toni said. She raised her drink slightly. "Here's to future pursuits and success." Steven tipped his glass too and sipped. Their eyes met again and it was a wrap. Toni had made up her mind that she wanted him. She got the vibe that he wanted her, too. Toni had small 32B cup breasts with pointy brown nipples. They really stood up when she was aroused, which lately was most of the time. She had just been suppressing her desires. Not anymore. She had taken her suit jacket off and left it at her seat. Her nipples were on full blast and trying their best to poke through her bra and blouse.

Steve tried not to stare at her nipples but he couldn't help himself. He thought about what she said about working hard and being alone all of the time. With her small stature, she probably had a tremendous chip on her shoulder and had to show just how good of a lawyer she was in this male-dominated society. She was probably a serious overachiever and had no time for a man in her life. Now it seemed like she was ready.

After a long silence, Steven decided to take the ball and run for the end zone. He finished off his drink and put the glass down on the bar. He turned to her and smiled.

"Toni. I just came out to have a drink and unwind. I've had a pretty stressful day. One I truly would like to forget about. I'm very glad we met. I'm tired but I don't want to go home alone." he started. "It would be lovely to have some company."

Toni was quiet. He had put it out there and called her out on her vibe. She wanted him, too. But what to say to her girls? She smiled as a thought came to her. "Let me go tell my girls what's up. Be right back." she said. Steven smiled as she went back to her table. She pulled Mimi aside.

"Listen. I'm going to let him take me home." she said to her with a straight face.

Mimi was shocked. She looked back at the other girls, who was hamming it up with some other guys from around the bar. They paid no attention to the conversation she was having with Toni. She looked at Steven and thought to herself, I'd take him home too.

"I've been drinking and I'm not comfortable driving home. He'll make sure I get home safely." Toni continued.

"Okay. But when you leave, I'm going to follow you outside and take a pic of his car and license plate." Mimi said. Toni nodded and grabbed her jacket. She waved slightly at Mimi as she walked back over to Steven.

The couple headed towards the exit and Mimi eased off from the table and discreetly followed them. She went outside and watched as Steven opened the door on his Jeep Cherokee for Toni and she got inside. He walked around to the driver's side and got in. Mimi took out her phone and took a few pics of the SUV as they drove off. She smiled as she went back into the bar. You go girl, she thought.

As Steven opened the door to leave the bar, he watched Toni walk in front of him. He wondered how tight her little pussy was. The girl wasn't even 5 feet tall. More like 4'10 maybe and was 90 pounds soaking wet. But her smoldering sexual energy could no longer be contained. It was simmering just below the surface and waiting to be tapped.

Steve didn't even have to really talk to Toni. They were drawn to each other. He made her panties wet and she was tired of suppressing her desires. She was going to do this. She smiled at Steven as they drove towards her house. There was not much more conversation as they drove.

They arrived at Toni's home and Steven got out to open her door. She smiled as she gave him her hand to assist her in getting out of the Jeep. Such a gentleman, she thought although she didn't know if it were just an act to get some or if he was this way all of the time. No matter. He was going to score anyway. She went to her door and unlocked it. She went in and welcomed him inside.

Steven came inside as Toni laid her jacket across the couch and turned to him. Steven was looking around the room and admiring the furnishings. He turned to her and nodded his appreciation for her taste in furniture. Toni didn't say anything to him but she turned away and started walking towards her bedroom. She looked back to make sure he was behind her. Steven locked the front door and followed Toni into her bedroom. She was all business now and he liked that.

Toni entered the bedroom and Steven shut the door as he came in behind her. She crawled onto the bed and arched her back in a perfect doggy-style position, her tiny ass up in the air. She laid her head on the bed as she looked back at Steven expectantly. He didn't have to be told twice. He got onto the bed behind her and unzipped her skirt, gently sliding it off. She wore some very plain but snug panties that looked very sexy on her rear. He peeled these off, too and looked in admiration at her heart-shaped bottom. He grabbed her narrow but flared hips and gently spread open her pussy with his thumbs. Her lovepie was puffy and ready. Her labia were wet and swollen with desire.

Steven took one long lick from her clit to her anus and Toni's body shivered in delight. She whimpered softly as her orgasm rolled through her body. Oh my God, she thought. He's making me cum already??? She couldn't remember the last time she came from her own hand, let alone a man making her cum. That's how mundane her sex life had become. She had even forgotten what it felt like to cum.

But not anymore. Her little ass wriggled as Steven lapped up her nectar streaming from within. His tongue tickled her clit then went back up to her anus as it circled around the tiny hole. She had never been licked there and she yelped in surprise. Steven licked his lips and relished her taste in his mouth. He looked at her tight little pussy and felt on his bricked-up dick. He would have to take his time with this girl.

She was breathing hard recovering from her first orgasm but she heard him getting out of his clothes and looked back at him. He took off his shirt and she marveled at his ripped, powerful torso and chiseled chest. He undid his jeans and slid them down. She saw the imprint of the long stiff log running down the leg of his boxer briefs and she got extrememly nervous. How could she handle all of that in her near-virginal little kitty-kat?

Steven read her mind. "Don't worry. I would never hurt you. It will be okay." he whispered.

She believed him and she smiled. Then she jumped up off the bed and ripped her shirt and bra off. Her nipples standing at attention and Steven couldn't take his eyes off of them. She came over to him and pushed him back onto the bed. She pulled his jeans off his feet and climbed onto him. She straddled his hips and began to grind down on his man-meat through his underwear. She threw her head back as the friction from the cotton made her over-sensitive pussy even wetter.

Steven felt a huge wetspot on his underwear. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards him off his lap. Her stiff nipples were right in his face and he licked them lovingly. He trailed his tongue around the swollen chocolate buds and Toni moaned loudly. She writhed her hips in an attempt to get back on his crotch but Steven's strong arms held her in place.

"I want to suck your cock." she said breathlessly and Steven let her go. She looked at him intensely as she melted off of him and got down between his legs. She pulled at his underwear and he lifted his hips to help her. As his missile came more and more into view, Toni felt intimidated. Her eyes were wide in wonder as to how she was going to fit all that dick inside of her. But he's not going to hurt me, she thought. He's going to gentle with me. For now she was going to play with it and savor it.

She picked up his dick and observed its beauty. His balls and pubes were shaved bare except for a small patch of hair. She smiled as she detected the hint of cocoa butter he used on his skin. He smelled delicious and her mouth watered. She licked up and down his shaft. She suckled on the flesh, relishing its taste. Then she went to the other side, doing the same thing. She then sucked his dickhead into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. For as tiny as she was, Toni had a very wide sensuous mouth and had no trouble getting the man-meat in there. Her mouth was hot and wet and she moaned as she sucked. She couldn't get him very deep in there though she tried. Her saliva ran down the sides of his shaft and she used it to lube and stroke him. Steven was pleasantly surprised at her oral skills. But he wanted to find out what that pussy was like though.

He pushed her head off of his dick and sat up. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her to him. Toni looked at him with wide eyes as he wrapped his arm around her and easily picked her up and onto his lap. Toni felt his stiff monster curling up into her ass crack. She swallowed as she looked into his eyes.

Steven smiled. "It's okay. Just relax. Put your feet back on my knees. Lift yourself up and ease yourself onto it. Take your time." he instructed and laid back. He held his dick up and Toni did what he said. She lifted up and he slid his dick underneath her in place. She felt his dickhead on her opening and he rubbed it around in circles on the wet hole.

"Unnnggggh." Toni moaned softly as she began to semi-hump on the dickhead while it circled around her hole. She felt herself open a bit more and he began to enter her. Toni sucked in her breath as she then felt his dickhead fully enter and a very brief flash of pain overtook her followed by a delicious feeling of fullness.

"Oh.... my.... G-God-dd..." she whimpered as her whole body convulsed with a huge orgasm. She only had his dickhead and a bit more of his shaft inside her and her sugarwals snugged it tightly. Her love juices rained down the sides of his shaft as she grinded slowly on him. Steven felt her fingernails dig into his chest as she slowly increased her tempo. His mouth was agape as her pussy locked down on him.

"Oh fuck..." he exclaimed softly. Her humping got faster and wilder and soon he had more than half of his dick inside of her. Toni threw her head around wildly as she humped. The orgasms were coming in waves now and she didn't know how much more she could take. Steven had his hands around her tiny waist and driving himself up into her.

Suddenly Toni threw her head back and a soft scream emanated from her wide open mouth. Her back arched and her stiff nipples protruded out even farther from her chest. Her lower body trembled as she creamed all over Steven's lap. Her pussy had locked down on him while he was in mid-thrust and his eyes and mouth were wipe open. His balls lurched and as her pussy unclenched he felt his cum start to release. He quickly reached behind her and pulled his dick out. Toni shuddered as she felt his hot cum spurt up onto the small of her back and run down between her butt cheeks.

"OOOOHHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!" Steven screamed as he nutted his soul out. Toni collapsed down on him and both lay there, out of breath and spent.

"That was INSANE." Steven said as he smiled. His hand rested on her butt and he felt the sticky cum running off the side of her body. He smiled as he peered down at his chest and saw Toni's eyes closed and her mouth wide open. She was snoring and drool was running out onto his chest.

I guess she's going to be down for the count for a while, he thought. He eased her off of him onto the bed. Toni murmured something unintelligible but was soon deep asleep again. Steven got out of bed and went into her bathroom. He found the linen closet and grabbed a washcloth. He ran some hot water and wet the cloth. He then came back to the bed and softly washed his nut from her body. Toni moaned softly but did not wake up. She curled her hands under her face and a huge smile of contentment came over her face.

Steven smiled and took the washcloth back into the bathroom. He came out and watched her in the bed. A serious look came over his face as he thought about the mission at hand. He blew out a sigh as he softly walked towards the bedroom door.


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