Romantic Retreat


From the moment you called me and told me about the place you were passing in your car on the way to O’Hare, I looked it up on the internet and saw how gorgeous it was; I wanted to meet you there.

We decided to meet at Serenity Springs in Michigan City, Indiana, a romantic get-away out in the rural area near a lake. The moment I see that smile on your face as you exit the plane, I know this will be the best weekend of my life. Both of us hug and squeeze one another so tightly, I can smell your perfume and it excites my soul.

‘Hi JJ, damn I have missed you? How long has it been?’

‘A little over a year, but it feels like much longer.’

The weather is nice for this time of year but we both are dressed sort of warmly. On the ride back to the resort we chat, slowly getting used to one another’s voice and that all important feeling. Soon, we arrive in the picturesque lake front, nothing but clear blue sky overhead with rolling hills of evergreens as far as the eye can see. Entering the lobby of the two story cabin, you become awe struck by the sheer elegance of the place, the huge, spiral, marble staircase and the massive chandeliers all making the roar of the flame in the stone fireplace that much more enchanting. We take the steps up to our suite, it is magnificent. The foyer is two stories high with a chandelier and skylight high overhead. ‘How do you like it baby?’ I say.

“It is beautiful Randy. We have to come back here again.’ ‘Oh yeah, you know we damn sure do.’ The main floor is covered in a beautiful, light colored wood that leads to a sunken living room with oversized, rust colored leather chairs surrounding a fireplace with a thick lamb wool rug stretched out in front of it. To the far side of the room, you see an all glass wall that looks down this valley where a stream flows, a light fog hanging over the water below and off to the side and old mill with a water wheel that churns ever so slowly. As you drop your bags and stare off into the Indiana country side I pop open a magnum of champagne and walk up behind you. Sitting the goblets on the table, I unwrap your body from the coat, lay it on the chair and hand you your glass. Looking into one another’s eye, we make a toast, followed by a quick kiss, but it is not enough so we lock lips and arms and kiss so deeply in touches our spirits, out inner being…now we know this is right. ‘I love you so much JJ, I hope you know that.’

‘Yes, and you know I love you too.’

I take your hand and we ascend the staircase, up toe the next floor with a huge kitchen with a formal dining room and a breakfast nook of old world German woodcarvings. On the top floor we see the master bedroom with a huge four-poster bed with a silk canopy and cashmere bedcovers with beige and burgundy lace trim. The bed is so oversized and high, that they have steps on either side to get onto it. To the right is a sitting room, complete with a big screen TV, chairs, a bar and bookcase that covers two walls, all hardcover books that are classics. As we venture on we come to the bathroom, which even I have not seen before now. Opening the smoke tinted, double French doors onto a gray, black and marble palace. All the fixtures glisten of gold plating, in the center of the room, surrounded by four massive pillars sits a Jacuzzi almost large enough to swim in. The ledges around the Jacuzzi are covered with all shapes and colors of scented candles. To the left side is a thick carpet that leads to the 18 foot high, stone fireplace, with a waterfall to one side of it that falls onto a rock stream that runs around the base of the fireplace. The fire flickering and the water gurgling as it runs over the rocks. We turn and have one more, hot, steamy embrace as the sky outside begins to turn bright orange as the sun sets over the shimmering waters of the lake.

It’s almost time for us to have dinner then go out for a night on the town. Unpacking quickly as we strip down to me in boxers with slippers and a necklace, hoping you like what you see. You have on slide on heels with a short silk shirt that buttons down the front, but you left a few undone, just to expose some cleavage. The shower is in the corner opposite the fireplace, all glass, even the outside wall that hides us from view with a huge wall that is vein covered and has a gorgeous garden outside. So as the water flows over us we will be looking right at the outside garden on one side. We both slip out of out clothes as I bring a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses with us, you have dimmed the lights and put on some Al Green and Teddy Pendergrass. The water is hot and steaming the glass enclosure of the shower, we touch and kiss, pulling one another close as the water cascades over out entwined bodies. The warmth of your breasts on my chest, the fullness of your hips as I wrap my arms around you, the touch of your fingers as they grace my spine and hard cheeks, excites us both. I kiss you and nibble your lower lip with my mouth. Using big sponges and scrungies we begin to lather one another, first with me and my hands pressing against the glass as you grind your wet bush against my bootie, your mouth kissing my shoulder as your hands reach around in search of my long, thick pole. I head you gasp when your hands make contact, feeling the thick base, tugging the slack balls from between my wet thighs. Both hands on it, one hand over the other like you are climbing rope, so stiff and rigid you can’t reach the tip with your arms stretched out and standing behind me. Gripping the thick shaft in the center, you bend it stand it up and pull it back toward my hard belly, now you can work your hands up and down it, feeling the texture of the hard muscle under the skin. Chocking it underneath the slanted, mushroom shaped head with one hand as the other strokes my belly; feeling the sparsely matted, wet hair until you get to the nest surrounding the balls. I pour more scented bath gel on the sponge and you begin to lather my wand and body, I lean my body forward and press my hands cheeks back into the pocket of your belly, hip and wet thighs, making you grind me back there, making you want me as you feel ten inches of thickness pulsing in your hands. I consciously make it jerk, squeezing my stomach muscles so it flexes in your hand. You grip it as tight as you can just behind the head and slide your fingers down the shaft as if to take ever wrinkle of slack from the dark skin. Then you put both hands around it and urge me to hump your hand, to make love to it the way I would to you. Looking down as your delicate fingers have that monster under control, I grunt and circle my hips as you skin it back, making the skin that was bunched around the base of the head slide back tight and shiny, then as I push it back through the fingers, the skin bunches back up until the head sits on a thick collar of dark skin, all wrinkled and meaty. Bending one knee so you can get your hand between my hard thighs to cup my balls, heavy and warm from the water and my hot juices boiling within them, ready to spew at your command.

Just as the first tremor makes my thigh quiver, I turn and face you, kissing you as you grip my rod and stuff it between your thighs, rubbing it down the center of your bush, I embrace you, my hands ravage your wet body as I want to feel every inch of you. The passion now burning in each of us, I hug you, bending your neck slightly back as you moan in my mouth, wanting to feel me inside you hot sheath. I grab the sponges and make love to your body with the thick lather of the scented gels, pulling and releasing the hard nipples, then licking then and sucking them with my hot mouth, gobbling as much of each tittie into my hot and hungry mouth as I can. You cradle my face to your heaving bosom as you urge me to take you right then and there. My hands probe the wet cheeks for an opening, fingers delving in to find that tight orifice, surrounded by the slick wet hair as you sense my touch exciting you. I slide my fingers from the wet bush covering the soft lips, back over that puckered circle, pushing my finger tip in the skin just around the edge of the circle to spread it open a little so hot water can tease it. Then sliding my fingers deeper between your thighs from the back I squeeze the lips, the phat soft lips, then side the shaft between them as I rub the lips on my stiffness. As the head goes from the front to the back it angles up and pokes the inside rim of your womanhood, your hands go to my shoulders as you anticipate my entering you. But it slips out and you grab for it to put it in, I stop you and push you against the glass wall, locked in a hungry kiss. Pinning you to the glass, I get to my knees and kiss your muff, your thighs gap open as I lick you, stabbing in search of your pearl, I make contact and press it with my tongue. Fingers slip into your tight channel, easily, tenderly as I feed on the nipples between your creamy lips. As you place your hands on my head, the water cascades over your face, down your hard nipples so it feels like you are being kissed and licked by a thousand tongues and mouths. The two finger twist deeper inside, your crevice welcomes them with a gush of creaminess from deep within, I lick it all up as I push your pearl in my lips and suck it, twirl it, pull on it until you want to explode so badly that you tremble every time you grind your hips in my face. ‘Oh shit Randy, you are gonna make me cum. Lick it, stick your tongue in my pussy. Yeah like that, ooooooOOOOO shit, ohhhhh shit! Here I cum babyeeeiiiii oh now lick my asshole!’

It’s too late for you to stop the flood, the dam breaks and your mouth opens as I look up and see your gorgeous face in the throws of passion, letting yourself go to me, giving yourself to me, I coax all of your strength from you with my mouth and fingers. I drink your nectar, swallowing every drop as your thighs part now, I feel the sinews in them quivering like taught rubber bands. Your body goes limp as the last orgasm saps you of all your strength. I stand and catch your limp body in my arms as we sink toe the floor, kissing, hugging, not wanting to let go.

We lie there for long moments before we get out and towel off. Dressing for an early dinner and a night out on the town. I dress in black slacks, black shirt and shoes as you put on a flowing black silk dress with a low cut back. One side is layered with a ruffled split, you can only see the ruffles beneath the split when it is open. You out on some high, strappy heels, knowing that turn me on. As you look into the mirror I take this opportunity to place around your neck the present I got you for our special day, a leather choker with a long thin, tub of silver that is crescent shaped. I hope you like it.

We have a drink as our car is pulled around. Getting into the S-Type Jaguar, black with heated tan seats, we drive off into the pitch black country night, around the steep curves and winding roads. I put on one of the CD’s that I made just for this night, it has Ruff Endz, Jodeci, Boys II Men, Joe, Jaheim, Tank, and other men. I want this to be the men’s tribute to you tonight. You slump back in the heated seat and look out into the starry night, relaxed and letting it all soak in. We drive for another 30 minutes until we get to Michigan City and the restaurant where we give the car to the valet and are escorted to our table. The room is very elegant as people arrive and are seated at various tables, candle highlight the atmosphere, flowers freshly cut decorate the center pieces. We are seated and order a bottle of wine and champagne. As appetizers we have shrimp cocktails and some of the best tasting buttery hot rolls. For the first course we have lobster tails stuffed with crab meat, followed in the next course by chicken grilled and layered on pasta with a white cream and garlic sauce with chalots. Desserts is German Black Forest Cherry cake as we sip the champagne and talk. Kissing in our intimate little corner until you take my hand and slide it under the table, slowly up your thigh over the top of the thigh high hose to cup the crotch of your silk panties. The moist panties slide to the side as I insert a lone finger to test your creaminess, satisfied as I put the hand to my lips to taste you. We look at one another, ask for the bill and head for the car. As we drive off, you reach to my groin and play with my hard rod, feeling it slide against the silk boxers, pinching the head until I feel wetness sticking to my naked thigh. By now you are beginning to unzip my fly, reaching in to take hold of the steel hard shaft, nuzzling the balls by rubbing them in the silk. With it folded in half you flip the head out as precum splashes on your wrist, you take it and wipe it al lover the head, chocking it up and down. Leaning over you kiss me and then bend down to take a long, slow lick of the head. My cheeks clinch and your suck the head, collapsing the hole in it, then sucking it dry and with a tight suction. As you suck and lick it you are jerking the skin down, then as your lips slide in an O shape down the shaft your fist is coming it until your clinched hand slaps wetly against your puckered lips. Then taking your mouth off you jerk me off fast and quick, then suck it and tongue the head some more. Then leaning back, opening your thighs as you pull the dress up and the split apart, you finger yourself in front of me. Rubbing the lace of the silk panties on that wet, warm coochie, your heeled foot in my lap until I flip the shoe off and you rub it on my hard pole. Toes teasing it as the warm skin rests on your naked foot while you bend it over with the sole. I cup your foot against its under belly and jack off with your foot rubbing it while watching the road and your teasing your swollen clit. I stop jerking long enough or each over and squeeze your cheeks and nudge your panties in your ass. Just as quickly as you started enticing me you sit up, adjust your clothes, put your show on and give me a wicked look. We roll up to the club, where we go inside as I try to hide my excitement. They have a mixture of Jazz, old school R&B and Reggae. For the next few hours we dance, talk and watch the people in the night spot. On those dances when we dance slow, I relish the feel of you body in my arms, like we were made just for one another. The touch of your cheek against mine, the way you smell, the way you hold me close as if to never let go. It’s like we are dancing in circles all alone under the flickering lights. By the time we leave it is a few hours before the sun will rise.

The ride back to the resort is quiet and brief, as you take of your helps and walk up the stairs. I stop in the kitchen to get some melted chocolate, strawberries and more champagne as you light the fire. I sit the tray on the warm floor beside the fireplace as you lie on the thick rug, looking so seductive. I crawl over you as you open my coat and shirt, my hands fumble for the front of your dress, feeling the nipples under the silk, as I support myself on the other hand. Your legs bend as you reach down to unbuckle my pants, rip the zip open and try to tug them down. I shimmy out of them as much as I can and you dig your toes in the waist of my boxers as we are like wild animals going after one another. I help you get my rod out as you pull back on it like you are trying to make it longer, loving how thick and hard it feels in your hand. Both our hands trying to get it to your opening. Rubbing the wet head on your silk panties, wetting them with the thick cream spilling from the head. It’s not wet enough so you push me onto my knees, take a hand full of hot melted chocolate and coat my rod with it, dripping and sticky and hot. You take it in your mouth, that sweet, chocolatly dreamcicle. Chocolate dripping down your face and hands as I work my hips in your face. As the brown goo drips you’re your chin and the corners of your mouth, it looks like I have a I shot a load of chocolate cum in your mouth.

You suck it clean and lie back fitting the head back to your crotch. Sliding the head inside the leg and feeling for the crease in the soft lips, getting it inside the wetness and fitting it inside the hole. Posing with my ass arched and pants and drawers around my thighs, your take your nipples out and feed them to me as I sink my torpedo in your tight tube. As it stretches the walls and slides through their slick secretions, I have my mouth full of nipple so your lips open like you are about to scream. Nipples being loved with hot licks and sucks and your passion pit being filled with a thick, hotness that you have so craved. So thick it pushes everything inside you, lips, folds and all. Your heels catch me just behind my thighs and you grind up to me. I pull out and hold it steady then go back in on a slick carpet of cream. Your nails rake my back as you bite your lips and feel the shaft making the folds of skin massage your clit. I cup your soft cheeks right where the silk panties cut into them, the feeling of silk and your naked skin on further excites me as I drive ramrod you deep while pulling you up to my spike. I can feel the juices bubble over your lips and grease my pole, the lips lathering it with more wetness. I am pushing and pulling it your pink skin in and out in a rhythm that brings you more joy and pleasure. Out clothes completely disheveled as you force my jacket off one arm as I rest on the other, then take it off the last arm. I keep riding you as you take me and milk me of my seed. Your fingers dig into my cheeks and you gasp loudly as I am sinking my complete shaft just as you explode all over it. The walls inside contract on it, trying to hold onto the stiffness, your thighs lock around me but I buck and thrust. The force of my thrusts stimulating you and taking you to a higher plane. You can feel it pushing inside you, the rhythm of it squishing and sinking into your hot pick opening. You can feel the heat of it rubbing inside your body, you can feel the life in the way it pulses and throbs and beats inside you. My mind is intoxicated with the fevered pitch of your voice in my ear. Clothes torn off, dress pushed back to expose naked flesh, hands groping and scratching as your back is curved as I rock you with each deep push of my pipe. As my rod pushes into your depths, I feel the lips folding in, a tight tuck as they come in around my shaft and squeeze your clit, as I jab in and out quickly. On my toes and hands with my body suspended above you giving you all that hot, meaty flesh…I lunge one last desperate time and unleash a geyser of thick juice inside you. The warmth spreads throughout your passion pit like stepping into a hot, sudsy bath. Again I lurch down with my curved pole and spew streams of cream deep in you. So much cream it overflows and runs between your cheeks saturating the silk panties as it soaks up the milky gel. I feel your walls quiver, you feel my rod twitch, your lips and clit throb, my balls and muscle spasm. Kissing and biting lips as we smell like sex, your heels clutching me to make me leave all of my juices inside you, give you every drop. We lie there with me inside you unable to move from the sensitivity where we are joined. Once we are able to move, I back out and out flows a river of whiteness down your smooth cheeks, a strand of juice swings from my rod to you’re swollen pink lips.

We undress and get into the frothing Jacuzzi, you pour champagne over your lips and I lick it ass it drizzles between your tits. Then you pour it over your nipples and I lap the cold liquid off your hard nipples. You reach into the hot water and hold my pipe stiff and straight as you mount me again. I take your cheeks in both hands and we begin to splash in the water. You sit the bottle down and take your fingers and dip all of them into the vat of melted chocolate. This time my head is thrown back as you entice me into licking your fingers of the sticky, hot goo. Yes, oh yes ride it, sucking those hard nipples, first one then the other, so crazed I am moaning trying to get both in my mouth at once as I spank your cheeks. Open and close them as I grip them firmly while the jets shot hot water between them into your puckered bulls-eye, massaging it as I massage your clit with your in my lap riding me.

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