Out of the Darkness (Excerpt)

The candlelight seemed to caress his toned body as he stood up and pulled his underwear under his semi-rigid cock as he took them off. Willam had always been a gorgeous man, with black dreads stopping just above his chiseled shoulders. At 6'5" he was above average in the looks department, with skin that was rich dark chocolate, and eyes a honey brown that had the thickest lashes that she had ever seen on a man.

He licked his lips in anticipation with his head bowed as Mistress' eyes traveled over his body and she had an orgasm when they fell on her mark. The letter "M" was tattooed on his arm etched forever in his beautiful chocolate skin.

"I fucking own you", Mistress growled like a wolf in heat and William's dick became harder as he dared to let the left side of his mouth form into a smile because he knew that it was true and loved it.

"Take off my skirt", Mistress purred as she moved closer and palmed his butt while cradling his head against her stomach.

His rough hands slowly went to the back of her skirt finding the zipper and letting it fall to the carpeted floor. She stepped out of it and pressed his face roughly into her pubic mound.

William liked at her mound greedily while forcefully fighting to breathe as Mistress attempted to smother him with her punany.

Mistress grabbed his dreads forcefully keeping him in place and began to grind her hips on his face as she squatted carrying William to his back on the floor. She rolled to her side and then clamped her thighs around his head as she continued to grind and pull his face deep into her crotch.

William became light headed from lack of air as he continued to lick and slurp frantically.

"Get it...get it...get it...", Mistress shouted through gritted teeth as she pumped hard into Williams face as she squirted another intense orgasm all over his face. As her orgasm subsided, she released William's face from her thighs tight embrace and he inhaled loudly filling his lungs with much needed air.

End of excerpt....

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