My sister's boyfriend

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I’m 15 years old and love having sex with guys older than me.  The oldest guy I had sex with was 18 when I was 13.  I usually seduced them.  Since I was 13 to now, I always seduced men and it always worked.  My latest target was my 28 year old sister’s 30 year old boyfriend, Will.  He was so hot.  6 foot 3 and was well built.  I had heard the two of them having sex, when they thought I wasn’t home.  He was loud.  Very vocal.  I had looked in on them and I saw that he had a huge dick.  I live at their house but my sister was going out with her girlfriends.  This was my opportunity.  I was the girl in school who would have sex with anyone.

It was 9pm and my sister had already left.  I had ‘gone to bed’ early.  I left the door partly open.  I lay on my bed naked with a large dildo stuffed in my pussy.  I’m moaning softly as I twist the dildo and grab my left breast.  I wasn’t blessed with big breasts but I had large nipples.

I heard him coming up the stairs.  So I moan, “Will…”  I know he is watching as I hear the floorboard creak outside my room.  I moan again as I twist the dildo again.  My eyes are closed but I open an eye slightly.  It had worked.  I see him jerking off in my doorway.  ”Oh Will…”  I moan and arch my back.  I thrust the dildo into me.  ”Fuck me.  Fuck your girlfriend’s little sister.”  I hear him gasp but I don’t open my eyes.  ”Do you like your bare cock pounding me?  Huh?  Yes you do!”

Now, he is moaning.

I quickly sit up.  ”Oh my God!  Will!”  I pretend to be embarrassed by covering my breasts and closing my legs.  ”Were you watching?”  My eyes trained on his cock.

“Yes.” He nodded, stroking his cock and moving into the room, closing the door.  ”Show me again.”

I pretend to be nervous and slowly open my legs.  The dildo still buzzing inside me. I take my hands away from my breasts.  ”I planned this.”  I smirk as I move the dildo inside me.  I see him step away from me.  ”Oh no.  I know you’ve been watching me.  You’ve been fantasising about me and my pussy.  I heard you masturbating this morning.  You were moaning my name.”  I climb off the bed and walk towards him.

“I shouldn’t have…”  He tries to put his cock away but I kneel in front of him, pushing his hands away.  ”Holly…”  He protested as I jerked his cock.

“Shhhh…”  I whisper.  ”Enjoy it.”  I wrap my lips around the tip of his engorged cock.

“Oh god!”  He groans as I suck his whole cock.  His hands are clenched at his sides.

I moan when he starts thrusting into my mouth.  I suck hard as he thrusts into my mouth.  I’m moaning because of his thrusts and the vibrating object stuffed into my pussy.

“St…  Stop…”  He groans, throwing his head back.  ”I’m going….  to cum!”

I don’t stop.  I look up at him as I suck him off.  His hands move to the back of my head and thrusts between my lips.  I groan as he holds me fully on his cock as his cum pours down my throat.  I swallow every drop.

He pushes me off his cock, which is still rock hard.  ”Fuck.”  He looks down at me.  ”Can I fuck you now?”

I look up at him so innocently.  ”I thought you would never ask.”  I lie on my bedroom floor, legs spread widely and pull out the dildo.  I quickly turn it off and suck it clean.

He strips in front of me as I suck my dildo.  ”Do you have any condoms?”

“No.”  I say when I pull the dildo out of my mouth and place it next to me, turning it off.  ”Not my job.”

He’s now naked and kneels on the floor in between my legs.  ”Cheeky.”  He rubs his cock against my clit, teasing me.  ”Oh well.  Much more enjoyable like this.”  He thrusts fast into my pussy, making me cry out in pleasure.  ”Fuck!  You are so wet!”  He lies on top of me and moves his hips vigorously.  ”Oh!  Oh god!”  He groans.  ”Oh yes!”

I wrap my legs around him, getting him deeper.  ”Yes baby!  Fuck me!  Fuck my teenage pussy!”

“Yes!”  He cries out, his cock easily sliding in and out of my wet cunt.  ”I want to fuck you everyday!”

“I’m all yours!”  I moan and then bite his earlobe.  ”Oh god!  I’m cumming!”  I moan as the hot feeling inside me built up and released.  My pussy squeezing him hard.

“YES!”  He cried out as he stilled inside me, shooting his hot cum into me.  My arms and legs were tight around him and his teeth digging into my shoulder.  He removes his mouth from my shoulder and raises his head.  ”Man!  You are hotter than your sister.”  He kisses me hotly.


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