Lust Mate


I knocked on Lenorah’s door wondering what sight I would be greeted with this time. She put the V in voluptuous and I couldn’t wait to see how she had adorned her 44-28-50 frame on this evening. For those of you who think fine women only wear a size five I beg to differ.

Lenorah had a flighty personality. She was the type of female who was always looking for something new and exciting to do and she would often leave town at the last minute for a trip to the West Indies or a gig with her band. She continually pressed me for a committed relationship but what she really wanted was a man who would meet her every whim when she decided that she wanted to be in town. I didn’t play that shit but I strung her along just enough so that I could hit it. I know it was wrong but it was a lust thing and I had to have what she had to offer.

Lenorah opened her door and Sergio immediately got hard as he always did in her presence. She wore a frilly white blouse with a plunging v-cut neckline and skintight pocket less jeans that laced in the front and back. “Damn!”, I exclaimed appreciatively looking at her coke bottle shape as I walked in and closed her door.

“Hey honey…”, Lenorah said smiling as she clasped her arms around my neck and gave me a light kiss with her thick dick sucking lips.

“You know I need more than just a peck baby.”, I told her as I stuck my hand down the back of her pants and squeezed her ass as I commenced to slob her down.

After several minutes she leaned away from me smiling. “Honey…your thang is hard. All you have to do is look at me…don’t you?”, she asked in genuine amusement.

“And you know this!”, I purred turning her around and pushing her onto her knees on her couch.

“Hoooooney! We can do this when we get back from dinner.”, she protested feebly. “You should have had your clothes on when I got here. You knew I was gonna want to hit this before we left.”

She laughed. My clothes are on…my pants are just untied. I wanted you to do it for me when you got here. Uhhhhhhh…ohhhh honey you know I like that.”, she moaned as my tongue ran up the crack of her ass. Licking her phat ass was her weakness as well as mine and she gave it up with a quickness whenever I did it.

I got to business and spread her ass so that I could twirl my tongue around her anus. “Ohhhhhhhh hooooooney! All you have to do to have sex with me is lick my ass.” “I’m just gonna hit it a little bit and then we are going to go out baby.” “Okay…”

“Just lick…mmmpfffhhhh….your ass a little bit.” “Okay…”

“mmmmppfhhhh….and fuck you doggy style a bit. And then we’ll go to dinner.”

“Okay…baby…uhhhhhhhh….” I kept Lenorah on her knees for another thirty minutes while I alternated from rimming her and fucking her from behind. After savoring my sexual appetizer I let her up looking forward to finishing her off when we got back.

“Honey…now I need to wash up because you got me all wet.”

“Do that then. And change your outfit. I want to see you in a dress and I got a little surprise for you.”

“Okay honey. What do you want me to wear?”

“Put on that long black dress and some heels.”

“If I put some heels on I’ll be taller than you. Will you have a problem with that?”

“I want to see your sexy ass in some heels. I don’t have a problem if your taller than me. You won’t be when I put you on your knees when we get back.”

“Honey….you so nasty!”, she replied laughing.

Lenorah went to the bathroom, washed up ,put on lipstick, changed her panties and put on her long black dress. She walked back into the living room carrying her heels.

“Is this what you wanted to see me in honey?”, she asked me seductively.

The dress I asked her to wear hugged each and every curve on her luscious body and I was very appreciative. She sat down on the couch and began to put on her shoes when I stopped her. “Take off your panties honey. Here is your surprise.”, I said as I pulled out a purple thong with a built in vibrator.

Lenorah looked at it confused not understanding why I wanted her to wear it.

“The thong I have on is nicer than that one honey.”, she said standing up, turning around and pulling the back of her dress up so that I could see her cheetah print thong. “Damn baby!”, I exclaimed looking at her pretty ass.

“You…are…fucking with me.

“No I’m not.”, Lenorah laughed mischievously.

“Ohhhh…yes you are. And if you don’t stop I will have to take that dress off. Put this on. It has a built in vibrator.” Honey you are so nasty.”, Lenorah laughed as her eyes lit up. She daintily peeled off her underwear and put on the purple thong with a built in vibrator right over the clit. She put on the thong and began to pull her dress down when I hit the on switch on the remote control for the vibrator. Lenorah’s body tensed up and she sucked in her breath. I left the vibrator on until she squeezed her legs together in pleasure throwing her head back.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh hooooooney…”, that feels so good.

“Just giving you a taste of what’s in store for tonight babe.”, I commented as I stepped into her space and ran my tongue across her lips. “Let’s go!”, I said with finality as I pushed her forward in the small of her back so I could watch her big ass move as we walked out the door.


We went to Beluga’s, a Sushi and Asian-Western fusion restaurant in the Hyatt Park section of Cincinnati. As we entered the trendy restaurant thumping bass from the DJspun dance tunes as televisions showing lingerie-clad models waltzing down the catwalk flashed in the various rooms. The Asian hostess looked up and raised her eyebrow when she saw me. I had been there two weeks earlier with Gaea and I guess she was surprised to see me with another woman. I tensed up for a minute, thinking that she would playa hate and say something to give me away. She didn’t though and led us to our table. I let Lenorah get ahead of me so I could watch her nice hips sway as she walked and discreetly reached in my pocket and hit the on switch on the remote controlled vibrator. Lenorah stumbled a bit as the vibrations hit her clit and looked back at me with eyes beseeching me to turn it off.

I gave her some respite and turned it off so that she could make it to the table. “Honey….this is so erotic.”, she said. “I always wanted to do something like this.” I smiled in reply and we each looked over our menus to determine what we wanted to eat. After about ten minutes the waiter came to the table and asked for our drink order. I told him that we were ready to order dinner and he pulled out his pad and took our order. Lenorah decided to change her mind on her order and told me to go first. I ordered some Ebi, Hanachi, and my favorite, Anago. The waiter then turned to Lenorah, and as she opened her mouth I hit the on switch of the vibrator again. She gripped a handful of tablecloth in her hand and sucked in her breath. The waiter looked at her with raised eyebrows but said nothing. Lenorah composed herself the best she could and ordered a steak in a wispy voice as her eyes fluttered. The waiter stared at her with a nervous smile on his face not comprehending what was going on.

He completed taking her order and as his back turned to us I pumped up the vibration on the toy to maximum. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, Lenorah moaned as she licked her licks savoring the feeling and rested her head on the table clawing at the tablecloth. I left the toy on deliciously torturing her for another several minutes before turning it off.

“ Ahhhhhh…..honey that feels good.”, Lenorah purred. “I’ve missed you honey. You got me addicted to you.”

“I’m addicted to you to baby.”, I replied.

“You just miss the sex.”, Lenorah replied with a sour expression on her face. “No…..I miss you.”

“Really honey?”

“Yes.”, I said simply.

“Honey…I have been so lonely. “

“Then why haven’t you come to see me more often?” “I want to. I want to see you but I want to spend time with you. More than just sex. But that seems like all we do. Don’t get me wrong. I love it honey. I love it when we do things like this. But I just want to spend more simple time with you. Doing nothing. But you always seem so busy. I feel like you don’t have time for me. There are so many things going on with me know…like the band. I want to share all this excitement that has been going on with me with someone…”

“Someone?”, I replied with Lenorah missing the point that I was not really her problem.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yes I did Lenorah.”, I replied getting a bit irritated with the direction she was taking the conversation. “I don’t feel like we just have sex. But that’s how you see it.”


“Baby….don’t start. Let’s just spend time together.” “Don’t close me out like that. Euftis…I miss you when you’re not around. But it’s hard to tell you. I want to be your baby, but I don’t feel you are receptive to that. I want a relationship with you. A real one. I want to be together but I am afraid that you will run again. So I try not to crowd you.”

“Lord why me?”, I thought to myself. My mind scrambled for the correct thing to say. I didn’t want Lenorah’s fine ass to get upset because I planned on fucking her ass….literally. I exhausted my list of responses and realized that there was only one thing that I could say that would shut her up and get me laid. But if I said it I would be breaking a major rule of The Mack Association (T.M.A.). I didn’t want to get points taken away from my T.M.A. card so I placed a sad look on my face and said nothing. Men…if you find you don’t know the correct thing to say to a woman just shut the fuck up. Nine times out of ten they will ramble away until they talk themselves out of the problem.

“Honey….see…your not saying anything. I am pouring my heart out to you. “I hear you sweetie.”, I said looking sadder and putting a dab of innocence into my expression.

“ Honey but you didn’t say anything. I want you to reply to what I said. Don‘t give me that innocent look like you haven‘t done anything!” “How am I supposed to reply? I miss you when you’re not around. I want to be with you. What more do you want me to say?”

“Reassure me that you won’t run away. Am I scaring you by saying all this?” “No baby. Don’t worry. I am not going to run.”, Lenorah really got on my last nerve with her two bit psycho analysis of me.

“How do I know that? Or are you just saying that?”

“You don’t know Lenorah. So what now?”

“See…don’t be getting smart with me while I am pouring my heart out to you!”

“Ohhhh good Lord!”, I thought. “Baby“. I answered. “I am being honest.”


“Honey what?”, I answered fighting to keep the irritation I felt out of my voice.

”You just don’t seem receptive to me when I talk like this so I just keep things to myself. Maybe you don’t know how to respond to things like this but it gives me the impression that you don’t care.

“I do care for you sweetie.”, I replied as our waiter returned to the table with our food.

“I have a problem asking you for what I want from you don’t I? Then I complain later… don’t I?


“Well…honey…help me!”

“I’m trying dear.”

“I told you I don’t know how to have a relationship. You think I’m kidding?”

“I see your not.”

“I told you before. I think you think I’m kidding or trying to get over or something. But I am for real. I have spent most of my time avoiding getting into a relationship.


“I am for real. So I need help.”

“Okay baby.”

“You don’t make it easy for me.”

“Stop complaining and let‘s work on it.”

“You sit back and just observe. Then I make all the mistakes and then you point fingers at me and tell me how bad I am.”

“Point fingers at you!”, I thought. “I’m just trying to get my fuck on! You’re the one complaining all the damn time!” “I won’t do that anymore sweetie.”

“Then I run, or just sit still and then we never grow. We should have been a lot further in our relationship by now.”

“Ohhhh good Lord if you were not such a good fuck I would not put up with all this damn drama!”, I thought. “Just stop complaining Lenorah.”

“Honey I hope you are really understanding what I am saying.”

“I am.”

“I am not complaining. I am communicating what I want.”


“Seeeeee….you ain’t hearing me!”

“I do honey. You’ve repeated it several times.”

“Honey…you are a mess…. you ain’t taking me seriously. I am pouring my heart out to you all the time.”

“Baby I hear you.”, I replied resigned to saying the one little word that would shut her up and get me laid as well. “You know I love you Lenorah.”, I replied as if I made an unintentional slip. “I’m sorry if you don’t feel that I listen to you. I do. I have to work on the indicators that show you I am.” I had just broken a major rule of the T.M.A. , never tell them you love them to get some pussy. I had just lost fifty points on my T.M.A. card, if I lost ten more points my membership would be revoked. I glanced around discreetly to see if a T.M.A. member had heard my transgression. As luck would have it…I was the only T.M.A. member there. I felt bad for a second that I had betrayed a major rule of the T.M.A. But shit… Lenorah was fine as hell…and I wanted some. “You….love…me…honey?”, she asked as her huge eyes grew two times larger and fluttered like a hummingbirds wings.

“What….?”, I stammered feigning embarrassment.

“You said you love me.”, she said as her huge dick sucking lips spread in a wide smile.

“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you did honey.”, Lenorah replied smugly as she reached out and held my left hand. “I know your crazy about me honey. I’m glad to know you love me. Even though you’re scared to tell me honey.”, she said laughing. “But I heard you. You love me.”

I went into full innocent mode and looked down as if I was embarrassed. “Can we change the subject now.”

“Awwwww….honey. You’re scared. That’s so sweet. We can change the subject. I know what the problem is now. You love me and you’re just scared to show it.”

“Whateva!”, I thought as the hostess came up to our table to refill our water glasses. I hit the on switch again to get Lenorah off her drama tip and back into sex mode. As soon as the vibrator turned on her head snapped back and she bit down on her bottom lip and squeezed her thighs together to fight from making sounds of pleasure. Although our male waiter didn’t know what was going on earlier the hostess of the restaurant recognized the expressions of an aroused woman and stopped dead in her tracks staring at Lenorah open mouthed. The hostess stared at Lenorah for several minutes and then left our table without refilling our water glasses. We finished our dinners and left the restaurant and I proceeded to the Norwood lateral and got on I75 headed north.

“Where are we going honey?”, Lenorah asked.

“To the Hustler Store to get you a couple of toys.”

“Honey…you so nasty.”

“But you want a toy don’t you?”

“Yesssss…”, Lenorah laughed.

“Good. Then let’s see what they have. I’ll get you one. On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Allow me to fuck you with it on the way to your house.”, I answered as I turned on her vibrator again.


We got to the Hustler Store just outside Cincinnati and we went into the store and headed straight for the toy section. I told Lenorah to pick what she wanted, but she acted real coy and didn’t respond positively or negatively with any of the toys she picked up.

Women trip me out. If you’re a freak, there is no reason to be shy when your with a man who is just as freaky as you. Since she didn’t make a decision I picked up toys that she might be interested in using and watched her eyes to see if she was interested. Always watch a woman’s eyes. She may not say anything but he eyes will always give her away. I picked up a synthetic replica of Mr. Marcus’s dick and showed it to her. Her eyes didn’t light up so I passed on it. I then went the opposite direction and picked up a vibrating seashell. Again, I didn’t note a NastyGirlGleam in her eyes so I passed again. I then picked up a vibrating three-pronged dildo that would penetrate/stimulate a woman‘s pussy, g-spot, and ass. I showed it to Lenorah and her eyes lit up and she gulped.

“Ohhhh yeaaaa….ya like that shit huh?”, I thought.

She tried to give it back and I told her to hold onto it because I knew she liked it. Now that I had an idea of what she liked, I stayed in the vibrating dildo section. I then picked up a rotating Rabbit dildo with beads and handed it to Lenorah. This time, not only did her eyes light up she also licked her lips. Content that I had the proper turn out equipment I picked up a bottle of Astro Glide and headed for the register. The helpful people at Hustler tested both toys for us at the register and I purchased two sets of batteries and told them to leave them in. When they tested the Rabbit and showed Lenorah how to work the rotation controls I could almost smell her pussy getting wet as she watched the big purple toy rotate imagining how it would feel in her pussy.

We left the store and I turned my car onto I-75 headed south back to Cincinnati. “Take your panties off”, I ordered.


“Take them off Lenorah”, I demanded.

“Okay…okay…..”, she stammered.

She put both of her heeled feet on the dashboard to support herself as she lifted her ass slightly off the seat so that she could pull up her dress and peal off her panties. I watched intently, from her ankles down to her thick inviting thighs as she pulled off her underwear and pulled her dress up even further exposing her wet opening. She spread her legs wide and reached over and massaged the back of my baldhead with her nails. I reached in the bag and pulled out the three-pronged stimulator and shoved it into her pussy and anus forcefully while pumping up the volume on the vibrator.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..that feel good…so good baby….”, she moaned in her deep sexy voice. I smiled listening to her arousal in her voice while silently laughing at the same time. She got so ghetto in her speech when she was heated and I found that funny. “That feel good baby?”, I replied playing with her.

“Yeaaaaaaaaaa……“, she replied being to heated to notice my joke. I shoved the toy in her as deep as I could. Sweet, clear pussy juice swelled around the toy as I pushed it deeper in her. She looked at me and stared for several minutes and then without saying a word got on her knees, unzipped my pants, and buried her face in my lap. I leaned my chair back a bit so she could get the dick and put the car on cruise so I could enjoy the sucking. Lenorah’s big ass was in the window while she sucked me and I wondered if any of the passengers in the cars that passed by noticed all that ass in the window and then quickly figured out what she was doing.

After about five minutes, Lenorah stopped sucking, sat up, kissed me on the cheek and just stared at me for several minutes. Neither of us spoke and then she buried he face in my lap again and continued to suck me the ten additional minutes it took to get to her apartment. I parked and we both got out of my car disheveled. Me…holding my pants because they where unzipped and buckled. Lenorah…with her dress twisted and pulled up over her knees. Neither of us cared as we made the short walk to her building and entered her apartment. I held her arm and kept her in the middle of her living room floor as I locked the door and dropped my bag and pants on the floor. I took Lenorah’s purse and dropped it alongside my things. It was on as I commenced pulling off her dress. I paused for a second wondering where her panties were and then remembered that she had taken them off and left them in my car. I left her little black half-slip on and then pushed her onto her leather couch ass up so I could get to that 50” ass. She arched her back for me and I spread her cheeks burying my face in the enormity of her glorious ass.

She moaned loudly and I groaned in unison with her as my rigid member throbbed and dripped hot pre cum onto her carpeted floor. I rimmed her with gusto, swirling my tongue around her anus while penetrating it intermittently. She loved every minute of it. Clawing her white leather sofa with her long manicured nails like a cat getting its belly rubbed. I stayed on her…licking, sucking, and tonguing her ample ass relaxing her sphincter muscle…getting it ready for my thick, throbbing, pre cum dripping dick.

After about thirty minutes of intense ass licking, I told Lenorah to lay on her back so I could suck on her wet pussy. “Would you lick my booty a little longer baby? Please baby? Please…”, Lenorah begged me to continue licking her ass in a soft voice.

I didn’t say a word, I just spread her ass cheeks as far as I could and buried half of my tongue inside her anus. “Uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhhh….”, Lenorah moaned as she had an orgasm from my tongue penetration.

I was ready to eat her pussy and I didn’t ask her this time, but flipped her over onto her back. “Honey…you so nasty.”, Lenorah remarked smiling as I spread her legs.

“Yeaaaaa….”, she moaned as I began to lick and suck on her clit.

Her long fingers caressed the back of my head and she wrapped her thick legs around my back.

Many women claim to have a sweet tasting pussy and in reality it is far from that. Lenorah, however, was an exception because her pussy was as sweet as honey. I slurped, sucked and licked on the little pearl between her legs until it became as hard as bullet. After about thirty minutes of intense pussy licking, I slumped in the couch with my legs spread apart and coxed Lenorah down between my legs. She was the greedy type, and would let me lick and suck her all night without returning the favor. It was time for her to clock back in and do some more work.

She whined for a while. Wanting me to lick her ass some more, but I refused and pointed my dick like an arrow straight to her mouth. She opened her wide mouth and engulfed Sergio. I was in heaven. Not only did she have huge dick sucking lips but she also had an extra wide tongue. With it, she could literally wrap her tongue around three sides of my dick while she was sucking it. The sensation was indescribable and she soon had my head turning back and forth and babbling like an idiot.

“Ohhhhhhhh baaaaaaby…. It’s so good. It’s so damn good. I’m gonna cum… I can’t hold it. I’m gonna cum.”, I moaned as I fought to contain my orgasm. Although Lenorah’s head was some of the best I ever had it was also some of the worst. Bad because she refused to let me cum in her mouth. Little did she know, she could have turned my ass out if she just would have sucked me off every now and then.

“Uhhh uhhhhh…no baby. Don’t cum. Don’t cum yet.”, Lenorah mumbled with my dick in her mouth.

My dick rested on top of her tongue as she talked to me and the brief respite from her dick sucking allowed me to get my head together. “Ohhhh shit baby! Ohhhh it’s so good.”

“You just like it cause I have an extra wide tongue.”, Lenorah mumbled letting my pre cum roll to the back of her throat before swallowing it.

I have never understood why women who have a major problem with you cuming in their mouth will slurp up every drop of your pre cum like it is ambrosia. I produce massive loads of cum and when I am very excited pre cum literally drips from my throbbing dick.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…”, Lenorah hummed as she closed her mouth on my dick and began to suck it again. I shook my head somewhat disgustedly as I watched this beautiful woman slurp and swallow my essence. Although, she sucked it better than most, I knew she wasn’t going to finish the job and that somewhat put a damper on the sex. To make matters worse, she wasn’t on any form of birth control so I couldn’t cum in her pussy either. My orgasms are more intense when I cum in a woman’s mouth, pussy or ass. I stopped that pulling out shit in high school. Since two options were closed, I fully intended on getting and cuming all up in her phat ass.

I let her suck it until I couldn’t take it any longer and told Lenorah to get back on the couch. She crawled over to it slowly accentuating her large ass as she moved. She knew exactly what she was doing. Heightening my lust with her actions. Instead of attacking her like she wanted though, I walked over to the bag of toys that I bought for her and pulled out the Rabbit vibrator.

Lenorah’s eyes widened. “Get on your knees baby. Let’s see how you like your new toy.”

“Okay…okay…”, she responded as she complied.

I applied a liberal amount of lube to the toy and slowly fucked her doggy style with it. “You like that baby?”, I asked as I stroked her with it.

“Ohhhhhh Yeaaaaaa….”, she replied in her thick sultry voice. “You want me to make it rotate while I fuck you baby?”


I turned on the rotation control for the vibrator and had it rotate to the right. “That feel good baby.”, Lenorah said getting ghetto again. “Make it rotate to the left honey….to the left.”, she moaned. I changed the rotation to the left and increased the speed of it.

“Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaa…..”, she moaned as the toy pleased her pussy the way she wanted. I continued to fuck her with toy until I felt her juices flowing down my hand.

“Arch your back baby.”, I told her so that I could give her another surprise. She thought I wanted her to stick her ass further in the air so that I could stick the toy deeper in her. The reality was, that now that she was heated on the verge of orgasm I wanted to stick my dick in her ass. I stuck the toy inside of her to the hilt and pressed the head of my dick against her anus. I pressed forward slowly and began to penetrate her when she exploded.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhh…..”, she literally screamed at the top of her lungs. I hadn’t even stuck half of my dick head inside of her. The freakiness of the situation had just sent her over the edge. She had never cum so hard before. I knew all of her neighbors under and above her had stopped what they were doing listening to her cum. As she came, she straightened her back, changing the angle of my penetration. “Arch ya back baby!”, I commanded. Her ass spread gloriously as she did so and I continued to slowly penetrate her ass. I could feel the toy on the other side of her pussy wall as I entered her. When I had half of my dick in her ass I began to slowly stroke it, losing it further and sticking more dick up her ass with each inward thrust.

“Ahhhhhh….yeaaaaaa…”, Lenorah moaned again enjoying the long stroking of her ass while the vibrator rotated in her pussy. “It’s yours baby. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours. Please baby. Ahhhhhhhhh…. Please baby. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours.”, she pleaded looking back at me with lust filled eyes.

A woman looking back into my eyes while I fuck her ass or pussy turns me the hell on. Although, I enjoyed her looking at me, I frowned inwardly at her, “…it’s yours statement.” I didn’t feel that her pussy was mine. She needed to keep it real. But I played along so I could keep fucking her. “It’s mine baby. Gimme my ass!” “It’s yours. It’s yours. Tell me it’s yours baby…”

“It’s mine baby.”

“Do you mean it Euftis? It’s yours baby. It’s all yours….” “Yes baby. This phat ass is mine!”, I said burying the length of my dick inside her ass for emphasis.

“Ahhhhhh yeaaaaaa….baby it feel good!”

It started getting good to me so I increased the tempo. “Slow baby…fuck it slow baby…”, Lenorah purred.

“Don’t start that military shit Lenorah!”, I growled. “I thought this was my ass?”

“It’s your ass honey. It’s yours…its yours.”

“Then let me fuck it how I want to!”, I said as I grasped her wide hips and fucked her phat ass with gusto.”

“Ok…ok…honey…ohhhh honey…it feel so good.”

I continued to stroke her ass, pulling my dick all the way out and sticking it back in again. It gaped open wonderfully whenever I pulled it out. After the fifth time I pulled it out Lenorah flipped off the couch and sat on the floor.

“What are you doing?”, I exclaimed.

“Let’s get in the bed honey.”, she purred.

“Let’s go then.”, I said taking her hand. She pulled her hand out of mine and slowly crawled to her bedroom…pretty ass all in the air. She teased the fuck out of me and I watched her for a minute squeezing my dick. I gave her what she wanted and stopped her halfway to her room and straddled her on the floor. I fucked her true doggy style squatting over her pounding her ass.

“Ahhhhh….ahhhhhh…ahhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhh…”, she screamed as she came again. I was done and ready to pop and so I did…all over her ass. What a night.

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