Keisha (Preview)

Here's a little preview of my latest book out now, Keisha.  Get it @ Amazon, AppleBooks, Barnes and Nobels, GooglePlay, Kobo, (softcover).



Three hours later and completely licked and fucked down, Keisha crawled around on Ramiel’s floor seeking out her discarded clothing.  Picking up everything but her destroyed bra, she quietly put her clothing back on trying not to disturb Ramiel from his light slumber.


However, once dressed, she tripped over Ramiel’s Jordan’s looking for her own shoes and woke up the light sleeping thug.


“Who gots luv for ya gull”,  Ramiel asked Keisha in a drowsy voice.


Keisha didn’t reply.


“See dat’s dat shit rite der”,  Ramiel boomed angry fully awake as his blood boiled from rage.  “Ya wanna…fuck…me but ya don wanna…fuck…wit me!  “’Cause a nigga ain’t edjumacated.  Ya think ya to…good…for a nigga!”


Keisha huffed loudly in reply.


“Yea whateva Ki”,  Ramiel barked continuing his tirade.  “Know wat gull?  Ya… playin’  yerself!  Ya fucks wit all dese nigga’s dat don’t…treat…ya right! Dat can’t…fuck…ya rite!  ‘cause dey don’t give a…fuck…’bout ya gull!  Dat punk ass Raymond ain’t fuck ya rite!  Tyrone, Bill, Don, Angelo, dat motha fucka Julio, bitch ass Dexta!  Ya thought ya was gonna marry dat nigga! ‘Memba?”


Keisha stared at Ramiel wide-eyed unable to respond as the truth in his words rang true.


“An let’s not foget Jay!  Pimpin’…ass…Jay”,  Ramiel snarled flashing the gold overlaying his canines.


“Jay loves me”,  Keisha shouted in defense of her man.


“Jay don’t give two fucks ‘bout ya neitha Ki!  ‘Lieve dat!  Why da fuck ya ova hure if Jay gots so much love fo ya”,  Ramiel fired back.  “Dat nigga done cut mo hoes den I have an he done lay no pipe up in ya he only let ya drink his babies!  Ya ain’t been doin’ nothin’ but drinkin’ babies for…how…many months but ya think that nigga luv ya?”


Keisha stared at Ramiel stuck.


“Every nigga!  Each an every one ya fucked wit.  When each an every one a dem didn’t fuck ya right ya brought dat pussy home ta me!  Who fixed it”,  Ramiel barked shaking his dick for emphasis.


“Ya treatin’ me jus like punk ass Dexta treated ya ass!  But ya ain’t playin’ me Ki…  Ya playin’ yaself!  I gots…luv…fo ya gull!  In time I’mma find me a bitch dat got luv fo me Ki!  An when I find…dat…bitch who gone fix shit fo ya den Ki?”


Keisha continued to stare at Ramiel unable to refute the wisdom in his words and since she was unable to refute them she spun on her heel and exited Ramiel’s bedroom.


“I gots luv fo ya gull”, Ramiel yelled out at the top of his lungs as Keisha walked out of the front door.


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