Her Mouth

His text messages, emails and DMS kept me breathless, blushing and flustered for three days. A picture he sent was cause to relive tension immediately. I was tired of moist panties and twisting uncomfortably in my seat to stop my girl from throbbing with anticipation and need. I was determined that payback would be a bitch. Every time I sent him something naughty, what I received in return would make a whore beg for mercy.

I knew I was in trouble when the time finally came. He let me know that I had opened Pandora's Box. In a lengthy email he told me how he would punish me but I was determined to hold my ground. If I was going to tap out he was going to get his too. Then I saw it, "25 Ways to Kiss a Naked Man" I read it thoroughly and I thought I was ready. His trip was over. He would be back in town before the evening was over.

I washed slowly and moisturized with the oil I know he likes. I pulled on a black lace cami that displayed my magnificent cleavage along with some boy shorts that only covered the cuff of my ass.

I met him at the door. There were very few words exchanged. He gruffly inquired as to why I had even bothered with clothes, demanding that I remove them right there at the door. I stepped out of my panties but before I could get the cami over my head, he was backing me into the wall while he rubbed my clit. I moaned. I needed his touch. I needed him to fuck me against the wall until we were both sweat drenched but I was determined not to lose my composure. I stayed his hand and led him to the bedroom.

My first mistake was not tying him up or handcuffing him to the damn bed. It was unspoken but very evident that I was his sub and he my master. My pleasure came from his domination his pleasure came from my submissiveness. I failed to learn my lesson time and time again. He “let” me have the upper hand for his amusement but in the end I would ALWAYS submit. This time was no different.

I grazed his ear with my lips and sucked his earlobe. Moaning, he bit his bottom lip and pulled me closer. I grinned. He was slipping. My grin was replaced with a gasp. He had something for me too. He cupped my ass and fingered my pussy. He slipped his index finger into my mouth allowing me to taste myself while he lavished my nipples with attention. This was usually about the time the first orgasm would begin to invade my body. He would order me to give it to him using his mouth, his hands, or his dick to push me over the edge. He would not stop until my legs shook uncontrollably and I begged him. Only then would he ease up enough to change positions for the next round. Not this time. Not yet. Roughly, I pushed him away. I had more in store for him.

I straddled him making sure to stay clear of his dancing rock hard cock. He could look at my nipples and make moisture gather in my panties. His touch along with sucking my breasts could bring me to orgasm. His mouth was definitely lethal but it was time to show him my skills. I flicked his nipples with my tongue. His breath caught. He gripped my hips. He was trying to be strong. His body was telling a different story. His abs tensed against my clit as I sucked his right nipple into my mouth. The left one was next. He moaned. I was not satisfied. Slowly, deliberately, I began to run my lips along his hip bones, nipping them with my teeth every once in a while

Unsure of what to do with his hands he ran them down my back and reached for my arched ass. I dodged him so he did the next best thing and tangled his fingers in my curls. I could sense he was aching. On top of the 3 sexless days he had already encountered, I had been teasing him for at least 15 minutes. He was pushing my head towards his member, demanding attention. I slipped the Altoids into my mouth that I had hidden in the bed sheets. I wanted complete control so I asked him to stand before I dropped down to my knees and took him into my mouth deep throating him first and doubling back for the pre cum.

The sensation from the mint made him curse and grip my head harder. His arousal was a turn on for me as well. Seeing his pre cum caused me to clinch the walls of my pussy. I licked his head clean after devouring the first drops of his desire. His essence always motivated me to please him more. He loved sloppy head. I spit and coated his member with my saliva. His moans were intoxicating. Once again he ran his hands through my hair, grabbing the back of my head, and forcing more dick down my throat. I let him fuck my face for a couple of minutes before attempting to pull away. His balls were tightening if I let him continue he would be pumping jizz down my throat.

It wasns't time for him to cum so he let me come up for air, I licked the underside of his dick with my flattened tongue. His dick was throbbing by now. It looked painful. He slapped it on my tongue and stared into my eyes as if to ask; “What next?” I think he was catching on to my game. I had to give his dick a rest I knew if I kept up at the pace I was going he would explode before I was done playing and damn my jaws were killing me.

I got to my feet and sucked his tongue before hungrily devouring his mouth. He wrapped his arms around my waist and then slapped my ass hard. I didn't think I could get any wetter. My girl tingled and the wetness ran down my legs. The deeper I kissed him the harder he slapped, my ass was on fire and I was so close to orgasm I had to stop. I tried to pull away but he was done with my game for the moment.

He pushed me on my back parting my legs in one fluid motion. He flicked my clit with his tongue a few times before sucking away the excess moisture. I thought he was just going to finish me with his tongue. Without warning he buried his dick deep inside my pussy. He grabbed my sore ass bringing me all the way to the base of his dick. He didn’t move he just issued an order. Cum for me Mami...

I lost my damn mind on his dick. He held me so that my clit took every thrust. Each time I tried to slow my pace or look away from him he would remind me with rough thrust of his own. I was literally in no position to disobey. I came within minutes. He just smirked. “Come clean it off” His dick was covered in my thick white cream. I had to catch my bearings. Shit, I had almost forgotten about my 25 tips.

It was his turn to get manhandled. I pushed him on his back. He held his dick out in anticipation. I chuckled and made him turn over on his stomach he groaned in frustration. I straddled him, swirled my tongue on the back of his neck and kissed him all the way down his backbone until I reached the base of his spine. I could feel him tense with every feathery kiss. I did a reverse cow girl on him and kissed the back of his knees. He bucked me off of him pinning me to the bed on my stomach and returned each torturous kiss. To remind me that I was his sub he took it a step further. He ignored me knees and ate my ass until I came in his mouth.

He turned me back over positioning me so that my head was hanging off of the bed. Didn't I tell your ass to clean my dick off?” He slowly fed me his dick and then picked up the pace until his balls were slamming against my nose. I moaned as he fingered my clit. I couldn’t take that position for too long his dick was just too big. I pushed him away so I could suck him off at my own pace.

I teased his inner thighs and nipped around his pubic mound making small circles with my tongue right before I reached his dick. He rubbed my shoulders and whispered the dirtiest shit to me. I licked him like I was playing the harmonica, he demanded I spit on it to make it wetter. I sucked his balls all the way in my mouth and swirled my tongue around them while He jacked himself begging for more. He wanted me to suck his cock so bad but not just yet. I gently used my teeth on the tip of his member. He choked me slightly to let me know I was skating on thin ice.

Next I pressed my tongue on the spot where his balls and perineum meet and licked until I could feel his legs shake just a little. My baby was almost to the brink but stopping or giving in to his pleas was not an option. I ran my tongue around his the tip of his cock and was surprised that there was more sweet pre cum to lap up.

It was finally time for him to get his. He had been tortured enough. I made a ring with my thumb and forefinger and kept it close to my lips as I moved my mouth up and down his dick faster and faster until I felt that tensing in his legs, his member and balls. I increased the pressure with my mouth and hands as he climaxed. He groaned in ecstasy as he pumped his load in my mouth, cupping the back of my head to make sure I didn’t miss a drop. Then he made me lick all of the residue off of my fingers. He kissed me and smacked my ass again.

Amazingly his dick was still hard. He had three days of frustration to release. Among every other position he took me in that night, he did eventually fuck me against the wall. I watched him pound into me from our full length mirror. The sheer force of every thrust was already an amazing feeling but watching the muscles in his back ripple as he punished me made me curse him incoherently as more than one orgasm hit my body. I may have even cried. It was just that good.

He set his for 5:00 am. Like any good woman I was up at 4:25 to catch the first drops of pre cum and to make sure his morning wood was not wasted.

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