The year was 1997. It was a Thursday afternoon, my college roommate and I loaded up the car for a road trip, destination Atlanta. The drive from Mississippi to Georgia was about 5 ½ hours. The occasion was the now defunct “Freak Nic”. It was my first experience and boy was it more than I expected. I was 19 at the time, and a freshman in college. We caravaned in two cars. With just enough money to drink, party and eat five of us rented one hotel room on Peachtree. To hell with the formal events, we were there to kick it.

It was like nothing I had ever seen. Traffic was ridiculous. The weekend was partly a blur. In a matter of two days, I had seen someone’s car tilted over at Lenox Mall. I saw women walking around in bikinis, but no sign of a beach and my buddies and I were trying to holla at every group of chicks we saw. It must have been a Saturday night, and after partying for Thursday and Friday with no sleep, my boys were exhausted. Not to mention we were going to hit the road and head back Sunday afternoon.

After a night in the clubs, we all pulled back into the hotel around 2am. One guy decided to crash in the bathtub, another on two chair pushed together, two more in the bed (man-law required that two men sleeping in the same bed, sleep under different layers of the covers) and I decided to just crash on the floor. At least I would have my own space.

Around 2:30am, my roommate and I were the only ones still up. Since he had driven, we decided to just go cruise the streets and see what was still out. It was Freak Nic weekend and a Saturday night…we both knew people weren’t going to be sleeping until at least 4:00 or 5:00am. As we drove around we noticed that the police had begun closing streets to funnel traffic in certain directions. Although we saw random people walking the streets, it looked like the night was going to be a wash, so we decided to drive back toward the hotel.

About a mile away from the room, we spotted 3 girls and 2 guys in a parking lot and because we were slow-rolling they waived us down. We pulled over and found that they were from Alabama and had locked their keys in the car. They asked if we had a hanger in the car so that they could try and jimmy the lock. Unfortunately we didn’t. We then recommended they call a tow truck; however, because of the road closures and the sheer volume of work they probably had going on, they said it would be a couple hours before they could respond.

In a moment of chivalry, I volunteered our hotel lobby. The guys looked like they were “done”. As we sat talking, I chalked up that these were some random girls they had met. I told them they could crash in the lobby of our hotel, and my roommate and I would take them back to the car once the tow truck arrived. They figured it would be a good idea and everyone piled into our car.

I began chatting up one girl in particular (CREATIVE LICENSURE HERE). She must have been about 5’6 and was wearing a black mini-skirt and sleeveless blouse. (The truth of the matter is, I cant remember what the hell the girl looked like…it was almost 15 years ago. Let’s just say she was fine.)

So we get to the hotel and no one working there thinks twice about a few people lounging in the lobby. After all, it’s Freak Nic, and as long as us black people aren’t tearing shit up…its all kosher. I take a couple blankets from our room and bring out to the lobby. Then I start chatting it up with this girl. My roommate goes on to the room and passes out. Come to find out, one of the guys (who is passed out by this point) is her boyfriend. I clearly remember asking her, who in the hell goes to Freak Nic with their boyfriend. I clearly remember her shrugging her shoulders and replying in an agitated voice, “I don’t know.”

I ask her to walk me to my room, so that I could give her the swipe card key. I told her, I would have let them crash in the room with us, but as she could see when she peeped in, it was pretty damn crowded. She needs the key to get into the area where the rooms are, so I told her to just come grab me when they wake up and are ready to leave.

She leaves and I lay it down on the floor. As I am dozing off, there is a knock on the door. It’s her. She tells me that they have taken all the blanket and asks if she can just lay down on the floor with me. Of course, I’m game, and I already know where this is going. Within 5 minutes of laying under the bed-spread which I had claimed as my own, she starts kissing me. Im running my hands up her skirt, caressing her bare ass uncovered by the thong she is wearing. I take my sweatpants off, and put her on her knees. Moving her thong to the side, I begin to fuck her doggy style. I am in a rush, but I don’t know if it’s because the pussy is so good, or if because Im doing this in a room full of guys. As I’m going in and out, you can hear my pelvis smacking against her ass. Im looking around to see if the guys on the bed or the guys in the chair are awake. The coast is clear.

I then lay her on her side and slide behind her warm, fat ass. She must have had a bit to drink, or I must have been the fucking “man”, because she was so wet, I was constantly wiping my hands on the bed spread. After about 30 minutes of fucking, we pass out on the floor.

A couple hours later, there is a knock on the door. Its her girlfriend. “Girl, hurry up…your boyfriend is waking up.”, she says. She gets her clothes on, and walks out behind her friend. I wake my roommate up. “Yo bro….lets get these cats back to their car. I think the tow truck has shown up.” We go back to the lobby about 10 minutes later, me back in my sweatpants, no underwear and t-shirt. Balls smelling like her good pussy. You know, guys always have to rub their balls afterwards and get that smell…especially if the pussy smells really good.

We get back to the lobby and they tell us the tow truck is about 10 minutes out. By now it’s about 7am. We all get back in the car and head back to their car down the street. The whole time, Im feeling guilty as fuck but also player as fuck. When we get there, we wait around with them for about 15 minutes until the two truck gets there and is able to open the door for them.

The guys are eternally grateful. “Yo man, that was good looking out.” The boyfriend reaches into his pocket and pulls out 3 twenty dollar bills. “You didn’t have to do what you did. I appreciate it.” I quickly look over at his girl as I take the money. I think to myself, “Damn, aren’t you a fucking douche. You fuck this man’s girl then take his money for the trouble.”

All I ever got was the girls name and the fact that they were from Alabama. I get ready to tell my roommate the story as we are riding back to the hotel and he stops me. “You fucked her didn’t you!” I shake my head, almost ready to burst out laughing. “Dude, we could hear you. And we could hear her moaning and shit.”

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