Deja Vu



I was on holiday in Detroit and one of the things that I wanted to do while I was there was check out Déjà Vu in Highland Park. 

Out of all the clubs in Detroit I picked that spot because Highland Park was not considered part of Detroit so it was not subject to the Holy Rollers decimation of fun times by forcing City Council to impose stupid rules on the strip clubs.

Rules like:

  • Topless dancers would remain six feet from the patrons and on a stage at all times.
  • No lap dancing and no mingling VIP rooms.
  • All alcohol will be banned.

Are you friggin’ serious! 

So since city hall was diligently working to thoroughly fuck up the strip club scene in Detroit, I decided to roll to Highland Park, which was outside of Detroit’s jurisdiction.

So I got to the spot around 7pm, which are a combination strip club, adult book and video store.  The facility was shaped like a U with the entrances and parking lot inside of the U. 

The strip club has two stories with the main stage on the first floor and private rooms and stage on the second floor.

There is no cover and you can't bring your own shit so if you want a drink you need to holla at one of the strippa's and get your sip on from their private stash. 

I took a seat by the stage and watched the attractive sista on the stage and took the spot in. She danced for three songs and then I tripped when they called the next dancer to the stage. 

The next dancer didn't walk to the stage...  She dropped down from the floor above butt ass naked.  Like I said..  I tripped when I saw that shit. The first dancer stepped down from the stage and asked me if I wanted a dance.  I waved her away.  She was sexy but she had a uni-bush from her pussy to her asshole. 

I wanted to lick some ass and didn't want to lick a hairy one. The second dancer finished and the hot, tall, butt naked, chocolate freak dropped down from the floor above. 


"Now this is more like it!"  I thought she was...exactly...what I was looking for. 

The dancer went by the name "Georgia Peach" and although she had the look I wanted I waited for her to spread her legs. I don't know if it's a Michigan thing or what, but all the other dancers I had seen thus far had hairy pussies and ass.  So although I wanted to do Georgia Peach I wouldn't if she didn't have her monkey shaved. 

She finally struck a pose that gave me visual access between her thighs and I was pleased to see she was nicely bald with a pussy and asshole that made my mouth water.

She completed her obligatory two dances for the masses and then pranced from the stage smiling and jumped into my lap lying across my legs sideways.

Pleased that my sexy new friend had taken an interest in me I chatted her up.

We talked for a bit and I told her that I was checking the spot out before city hall fucked things up. 

She was up on the situation and I was very pleased that her mind was as sexy as her body as we discussed politics for the next 15 minutes.

I asked her about the types of dances I could get there and she broke it down.  You can get a lap dance in the public area behind the stage, a semi private dance in a room off from the stage, or totally private dances in one of the rooms upstairs.

She asked me if I wanted a dance and of course I did, but I played it cool and told her I would get one after the next time she got onstage because I wanted to check out some of the other dancers. 

She was cool with that and let me chill as I watched the rest of the roll call that was not as fione as her with one exception.  A sexy, lil redbone hit slid down to the stage.

I love the Nubians and the yellow bones equally so I had a bit of a dilemma as I wondered which freak I should focus my attention on.

While chocolate was a tall, lithe Amazon; lil sexy was a short, long-legged big booty thang.


Lil sexy was all over the stage with boundless energy and she must have sensed that I was an ass man because she kept throwing her round phat ass in my direction in various ways.


She finished her routine and stepped to me telling me that her name was Isis as she stared me down with big, pretty, nervous eyes.  I decided that I wanted some of her to as Peach took to the stage again.



Isis flashed a smile and I uncrossed my legs so she could take a seat in my lap. We chatted as Peach looked on from the side of her eye pretending that she was not concerned. 

Since Peach was much friendlier that Isis, I told the pretty redbone to come holla at me after I got a dance from Peach and with a facial expression on her face that was a mix of jealousy and anger as she walked away. 

"How cute!"  I thought.

Peach finished her routine and I told her I wanted a semi private dance.  We went to the to the big, private room and as I hoped there was no one else there.

Peach was still adorned in only black leather stilettos and a spiked leather collar and I was both amazed and admiring of her confidence as she pranced around me while I sat on the huge leather sofa that took up an entire wall in the 40’ x 40’ room.

I really dug the leather heels and spiked collar that she wore and we talked about bondage and edge games. I had the feeling that she was a switch as she continued to perform a slow, grinding dance just out of arms reach which was disappointing because I wanted some close contact with her blemish free chocolate skin.

Staring into her dancing eyes, I ordered her to put her pretty ass in my face so that I could lick it and she looked at me with a strange expression on her face.

I told her that she heard me correctly and told her again to gimme that ass so that I could lick it.  She flashed a wicked smile, came closer and bent over deliciously.

I went to work on it and Peach liked that shit as she moaned softly.

She had a permanent pucker in her ass and I told her that I could tell she liked to be fucked in it just before I slid my tongue up it and she admitted that she did as my tongue slithered in her chocolate starfish.

Like I said. She liked that shit.

I licked on Peach for a while until she stepped away from me, turned to face me, looked down between her legs and then pulled up her hood with both hands exposing her hard, glistening clit.

"You'll like this betta..." she stated playfully knowing that I would accept her offer.

Obliging her, I ran my tongue slowly around her clit and then explored inside of her moist crevice.  She tasted like molasses with the heady scent of field of wildflowers that were drenched after a hot summer rain.  

Peach was tasty but alas not submissive enough for me so I licked her twat through two more songs and then told her that I wanted to chill on the floor for a little while before hitting her shit again.

In reality I wanted to see what was up with Isis so I patiently waited for her lil fione ass to hit the dance floor again.

I have long to wait because after about twenty minutes later she slid down the pole from the second floor down to the stage and did another fire performance.

Isis was 4'4" with a phat high yella ass and I couldn't wait to get her in the semi private room so I could sex her. 

I scooped her up as soon as she got off the stage and we went to the back room.  She jumped in my lap and rubbed my head. What the fuck she do that for? She then purred how she loved bald headed men. What the fuck she do that for?

I reached down with both hands and squeezed.  Her juicy ass was soft and pliable as a marshmallow.  Once feeling that butt I unconsciously smacked it.  Hard. 

Isis lost all professionalism and made a nasty girl noise while squeezing me tight. That let me know that she liked it. What the fuck she do that for?

I asked her if she liked to be spanked and she whispered that she did in a quiet voice.

A tremor rippled through my body as I sensed that Isis was a burgeoning submissive.

Probing if my assumption was correct, I then asked her if she liked a...real...spanking or just a punk ass play spanking. 

The little minx then thrilled me by confessing that she had the desire to really being spanked hard but was always to scared to ask for it and never fucked with a man who would just take her and really let her have it.

Whispering in her ear, I let Isis know that I intended on smacking her tasty bottom until it was nice and red with my handprints.

She shivered and whispered back that she would like it if I did.

After promised her a good spanking later I told her that first I wanted to lick her ass.  Since she was so short, I told her to stand on the couch so I could get to that booty and smiling she immediately did as she was told without question. I liked that shit.

Before I could get to work on it, however, she jumped off the couch and ran to the front of the room.  She reached up to the dimmer switch on the wall and dimmed the lights down in the room until they were almost off.

“Do you like this better?” Isis purred as she walked back to me slowly heightening her sexy silhouette.

Shakily, she stood back on the couch and I took hold of the two marsh mellows and spread her wide and then went to work on that asshole. 

Between licks I asked her if she liked being fucked in the ass and she professed that she was curious about it but scared.   I shivered when I heard the honesty in her voice and for a second wished that I lived in Detroit so I could invest the time to fully turn her little ass out.

After dining on Isis for a while, I went back out to the main floor promising to give her that spanking a little later.  More dancers showed up with two of them being very fione.  I watched the show until Peach came back out and jumped in my lap again lying across me sideways as if she was in a hammock. 

She had made me a stiff drink of Crown Royal and Coke on ice from her private stash and we took turns sippin’ on it until we both had a nice buzz.

As we sat and talked Isis came back out and hesitantly walked over my way.  Peach scowled at her over her drink with predatory eyes and made a point to get cozy by snuggling deeper across my lap. 

Isis made another of her cute frustrated/mad looks and walked off.

My mouth starting watering again since I had been palming Peach's ass with both hands so I took her back to the semi private so I could lick on it again. 

As soon as the door closed Peach was like, "Hold up!  Did you lick on Isis too E?"

"Yea I did."  I replied casually.  "But I'll just lick on that ass again if you don't mind.   I won't lick your pussy."

"I'm just sayin..." Peach replied looking bothered.  "I don't know her like that."

"I understand.” I replied wishing that Isis was in the room instead of her. 

“And that's why I haven't touched or fingered your pussy.” I replied casually as I worked to calm her down so that I could sex her up again. 

“'Cause I'm touchin' money an shit.”  I continued. “Now bring that ass back over here so I can lick on it."

I ate my fill of Peach's ass and when I was done she told me how disappointed she was that I didn’t lick her between her legs again.  She then gave me her number so we could discuss business later. 

Peach asked me if I wanted her to get Isis for me and I told her I did so she left to get her swaying her nice hips hauntingly.

I chilled in the private room until Isis showed up smiling and wonderfully naked.  She took of her shoes and then turned off all the lights instead of diming the low.

What the fuck she do that for?

She jumped into my lap and I squeezed that juicy ass once and then proceeded to give her the spanking that I promised her.  Tacking turns smacking her ass cheeks as she braced herself with her arms and lips tight around my neck.

Not holding anything back, I slapped her butt cheeks as hard as I could filling the room with loud slaps and she took it all like a trooper.

After loosing track on the number of smacks that I applied on Isis’ rump, I told her to lie on her stomach so that I could apply some TLC on her booty cheeks.   

In the dim lighting, I could make out the discoloration of the bruising on Isis’ derriere and it turned me on.  Leaning down to gently lick skin inflamed and swollen from the kinetic energy of my blows, and her body tensed anticipating more punishment.

Spreading Isis wide gently, I went back to work with long, languid licks with the flat of my tongue on her temporary wounds and tight anus.

Isis reached between her legs and started playing with her clit while I tongued her down. I liked that shit.

The dick got hard and I had Isis sit back down on my lap and hard dick so I could smack that ass some more.   I went back to work lighting up that butt and Isis got busy dry grinding on my dick. 

She liked the spanking and grinding and told me so as she licked my ear and ran her nails on my head. She jumped off the dick and reached for my button fly but I waved her away and told her to put the ass back in my face. 

I just stick to lickin’ ass in a strip club and don't want a stripper touching my bare dick when I don't know where their hands have been.

Isis stood back on the couch and put her pussy in my face when the song suddenly ended. 

"Ohhhhhhh..." she purred in a disappointed voice clearly aroused.

I laughed.  "If you don't want to stop...then don't stop..." I said in a deep voice. 

Isis didn't attempt to leave so I grasped her hips, turned her around, and spread her ass once again.  I licked her sweet asshole and she went to town fingering her wet pussy and playing with her clit until she finally busted the nut that had been building up. 

She busted grasping the back of my head and pulling into so that my tongue would dig deep into her rectum as her fingers dug deeper into her pussy.

Since she got hers I wanted mine, so I pulled the dick out and told cutie pie to get on her knees.

"What...what...are you doing E?" Isis exclaimed smiling. 

"What does it look like?"  I replied stroking my balls until a thick bead of pre-cum dripped from my shit onto the floor.

Isis sighed unconsciously licking her lips as she watched the glistening love juice drop from my tip.

 "They here…" she pleaded ineffectually as I gently grasped her left wrist and pulled her to the floor between my legs. 

“Suck my dick…” I growled in a deep voice.

"But… They got cameras in here E.”  She pleaded softly staring at my dick.  “The kind that can see in the dark.  You gonna get me in trouble.”

“You weren’t worried about no damn cameras when is was spankin’ you and lickin’ that ass I replied continuing to stroke my hard cock in her face.  “If there were cameras in here someone would have been up in here a long time ago.”

Isis eyes stayed locked on my rigid meat with an open, longing mouth.  With each breath that she took I could feel her hot exhales down the length of my shaft.

“You know you want to suck this dick…” I stated as I reached up and wrapped my fingers around the base of her neck and pulled her open mouth over my phallus.

Isis slurped once, licked her lips and moaned.

“Tastes good?  Don’t it?”  I stated arrogantly and pulled her down once again while leaning over her back and slapping her ass hard.

Isis grimaced with a mouthful of cock, lifted up from it with a thick bead of pre-cum mixed with saliva hanging from her bottom lip and smiled.

“You…have…got me…so…turned on.”  Isis replied as I reached down and spanked her hard again. 

“I’ll suck your dick.  Just don’t come in my mouth.  Okay?”

In response, I slapped her ass hard again as Isis grimaced and shook the sting off enticingly by wiggling her ass.

"When...I...get...back...up...stairs..." Isis gasped each word between spanks and sucks.  "!”

 “It's...nice and red…”  I agreed as I gave her another hard slap.

 “'" Isis replied.  “It hurts…  But it also makes my pussy feel so good…  You taste good to.  I take back what I said.  Please cum in my mouth E.”

What the fuck she say that for?

Isis slurped my shit sweetly three times and then looked into my eyes beseechingly yearning for my cum down her throat.

 How could I deny her request?  Especially since she said please.

Leaning back, I let her take what she wanted and six minutes later I feed her well.

Deja Vu.  It's everything people say it is.  Check it out.


Copyright © 2016, Euftis Emery

All Rights Reserved

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