Blind Folded







Standing waiting in the room blindfolded, awaiting his arrival. He always drags the anticipation out of you. Driving demons through your mind. Will he turn up? Will he be alone? What will you succumb to this time? What are you for? Are you worth this treatment? Do you deserve it? 


Finally he arrives. The door clicks almost imperceptibly and even though he is moving silently your heightened senses feel the air move as he passes you.  


And then nothing. What’s he waiting for? Why is he doing this? He’s just watching you isn’t he? The bastard. Enjoying every second of anguish he can bring. Seconds pass into minutes. You can hear him breathing now, so close to you. Inhaling your aroma. Inspecting you. You know you are meat for him. You know you are destined to belong to him. A toy for his pleasure. It is the path that life has chosen for you. 


You jump when he moves on you. His hands roughly grab your summer dress and tear it from collar to hem in one movement. An almighty rend that makes your hands shoot up to cover your exposed flesh as the strained seams dig in to your flesh. You can feel the shreds of the dress joining your dignity in flowing down your body and away from you as he grabs hard on your wrists and pulls them behind your body. The cold plastic of the zipties cutting into you as they close around first your right hand and then your left. Leaving you standing there in your bra and knickers, your arms pulled tight behind your back. Vulnerable and exposed. His to use. 


You feel the blade running slowly across your skin. The cold metal making you gasp as it slides under your bra strap. He slowly and methodically slices through the straps and pulls the tattered remains away from you. You listen gratefully as the knife snaps back into its handle. Then he is on you. His hand grasped tight into your hair, you release a cry as he hauls your head and neck downwards till your legs cave in and you drop to your knees. You gasp to get your breath back and your mouth is instantly filled by his cock. Its length pushed right to the back of our mouth. He has both his hands in your hair now and is violently fucking your face. Thrusting in and out rapidly. You are spluttering and spitting, trying to fight the vomit and pain as every thrust knocks you back. You need to breath properly. Your lungs burning as normal breath has become impossible. You are fighting him but his hands are so tight on your head. Enmeshed in your hair, he has you. He owns you. You can hear him breathing as his hips strike your face. And yet you know that in amongst the violence this is the acceptance you require. You need this. This is proof that he needs you. You live for this in fact. You know what a whore you are. How your body is his to use whenever he needs it.  


As these thoughts cascade through your mind you can feel his thrusting becoming more urgent. He pulls your head back and off his cock suddenly. You inhale loudly, face skyward as he holds your hair tight in one hand. You are still gasping for air as the first string of cum lands, hot, on your lips and right cheek. The second and third strike soon after as you continue to look up at where you think his face is. You run your tongue across your lips, needing to taste him. Needing to know he has honoured you. He reaches down and touches your face with his fingers. Sliding more of the cum across your skin to your soft eager lips. You gladly suckle at his proffered fingers. Craving the affection and the attention they provide. It’s almost loving. Almost human. 


You are snapped out of your reverie by his hand tightening on your hair and hauling you upright again. He lifts you under the arms and throws you backwards onto the bed. You are winded by the sudden violence as you land on your bound arms and before you have recovered loops have been slipped over your feet and as they tighten they are hauled apart from both sides at once. You realise he must have a rope under the bed and when it is tied off you are force into a horrifically spread position. You whimper at the thought of how pathetic and wanton you must look to him and you hear him laugh at your distress by way of return. 


He pushes the top half of your body sideways to your left, twisting you at the waist, so he can reach your hands and you feel the knife slice through the tie as he hauls your right hand up and slips it into another prepared loop above your head. As you roll back on your back it frees your left hand for a second before he can grab it and you lash out at him, catching him squarely in the face.  


You hear him jump back shouting ‘Fucking bitch’ and he leaps on you to grab your still flailing hand and loop it with the other. ‘Fiesty are you slut? We’ll have to do something about that.’  


You are pinned to the bed by his weight across your chest till he has your hand tight in place above your head. You can feel his face right in front of yours. A hot tongue licks up across your mouth and nose. Then it pulls away and silence reigns for a second until your head explodes as he slaps you hard across the cheek. You cry out in agony, your ear ringing as your cheek flushes instantly.  


‘You’re going to enjoy this whore.’ He moves away from you again and you feel the blade on your thighs running up to your knickers. He slices through them and pulls them away from you. You can feel the cold air rush to your cunt.  

‘Ha, you’re wet, slut. Why am I not surprised? You always have been a pathetic desperate whore.’ 


You feel a hand on your lips, forcing your mouth open and then something is pushed into your mouth. You can taste your cunt so it must be your tattered knickers. You have no way of resisting anymore. Every time you turn your head away he hauls it back upright. His long fingers bruising your delicate lips as he prises them apart. Your mouth feeling fuller and your knickers choking you as they reach the back of your throat. Then he carefully places a piece of gaffer tape across your mouth, silencing you completely. 


It all goes quiet for a few seconds and then you feel your damp cunt being pulled apart. Being filled by something hard. Pushed deeper into you, stretching you as you writhe against the binds. 


‘This is what you need isn’t it whore? You need to be filled. What is the point of you if you’re not being used?’ He rams the object deep into you, making you scream through the gag. Then he starts to slide the dildo in and out of you. Rhythmically emptying and filling your stretched cunt. You gasp and arch your back every time he pushes it deep to the hilt. It’s exhausting fighting against your thighs, tied wide as they are, every thrust pulling them in against the binds. After a few minutes of this your gasps turn to pathetic grunts that barely register against the background of the wet sex noises. Finally he stops with the dildo deep in you.  

‘I think I’ll tape this in place so you can enjoy it whore.’ He does so and then there is a few moments of silence until you hear the unmistakable sound of a vibrator. ‘You’re going to be in heaven very soon slut. This is what you need.’  

You jump against the binds as the head touches your clit. He pushes it up your belly and you feel him taping it down so the head is tight on the top of your cunt.  


‘Ok, you enjoy yourself slut. I’m going out.’ And you whimper as you hear his footsteps recede towards the door followed by it slamming. You are left with your cunt. Your poor, abused cunt. Sore, swollen and aching with your clit being battered by a vibrator. You pray for sleep, to be able to pass from consciousness, but already you can feel your body betraying you. The fire rising in your clit. Heat pulsing away from your cunt and down your exhausted limbs. You are losing the battle. You know what is coming. You arch the small of your back off the bed as it rises through you, feeling it run down every inch of you. Coming closer. Your head thrown back….Fuck you can’t breath. Hands on your throat, he’s still here. He’s squeezing your throat. Air gasping beneath his fingers. Your mind racing as you know you are out of control. Your Orgasm stuck on the precipice because of the danger reflex. 


‘Did I say you could cum, whore? Stupid bitch, always thinking of her own pleasure. Don’t you dare cum!’ His free hand comes down hard on your cheek, rattling your teeth and knocking your head sideways. You feel your body gaining control as you battle to obey but the vibrator is insistent and your cunt is dancing to its tune. 


‘Stay with me slut. Hold it back.’ He hits you again. As he does so he releases your throat and the burning in your lungs becomes a burning in your throat as the air rushes back in. ‘Don’t cum!’ You are fighting every fibre now. You are rushing down the tunnel and the light is encroaching quicker than you can hold it back. It hits you in one bang. You buck and thrash across the bed, fighting the sensations. 


‘You stupid worthless whore!’  The belt hits you hard across the breasts and your back arches again as the agony floods through your orgasm. ‘Is there nothing you can get right? What is the point of you whore? You can’t even follow simple instructions.’ 


All this abuse is ringing through your ears as your body spasms against the binds with every blow that lands on it. And yet, all through this the pain in your clit still grows. The vibrator is still going. Chasing you down the road to another orgasm. You are still stretched by the dildo and it feels like it is taking the vibrations to your core. This still leads your body. Pleasure is all you are, even within this maelstrom of pain. Your body deserts you now. Your mind is abandoned and all hope of resisting any sensation is lost as you can do nothing but react. You jump to the pain of the blows as your spine curls and stretches to the growing orgasm that rips through you again.  


This is all you are. You can hear his voice getting angrier as your body surrenders but it is hollowed out, distant from where you lie. You are nothing now. Every blow is deserved, every insult is correctly labelled. Your needs will never matter again. 


You feel him ripping the tape off your mouth and roughly pulling the knickers from you. He holds your mouth open long enough to force his cock in. His full weight on you as he fucks your mouth violently. Pain wracking your mouth with every thrust as your lost body jerks across the vibrator. He doesn’t take long, clearly watching your abuse has turned him on, and you feel his cum forced straight down your throat. It bubbles up out of your mouth around his cock as you choke on it.  As he removes his cock from your mouth you cough and gasp the last vestiges of him up and breathe clearly for the first time in what feels like an age. As you do, your body betrays you again and a low guttural moan escapes your lungs as yet another orgasm marauds through your senses. 


‘Look at you, whore. Look at you. Used. Unloved. An object. Only brought out when required. You’re pathetic aren’t you? Aren’t you!?’ He shouts these last two words as he strikes your face again.  


It’s enough for you to crest yet another orgasm and your low scream of ‘Yes Sir’ is lost within the crescendo. He watches the vibrations subside in your body before reaching across and finally removing the toy. You scream at its removal from your clit. It’s so numb from vibrations that the sudden stop is excruciating.  


Everything is an effort now. Just existing is hard work for your damaged flesh. You can feel pain in every inch of you and yet your body betrays you once more with a low moan as the vibrator is slowly withdrawn. 


‘I’m done with you for now whore. If you’re lucky I will return. Enjoy feeling the marks growing on you.’ You hear the door slam and the stillness in the room tells you that this time he really has gone. You lie there feeling every inch of your bruised body. The cuts in your wrists and ankles from your binds. Your swollen damaged cunt. The agony of your throat and mouth. The cum drying across your face and splattered down your neck. 


This is what you are. An abandoned piece of meat. Waiting for his return. You know the pain that that return will bring but you know your body craves it still.



Love and Pride

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