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Keisha (Preview) 

Here's a little preview of my latest book out now, Keisha.  Get it @ Amazon, AppleBooks, Barnes and Nobels, GooglePlay, Kobo, (softcover).



Three hours later and completely licked and fucked down, Keisha crawled around on Ramiel’s floor seeking out her discarded clothing.  Picking up everything but her destroyed bra, she quietly put her clothing back on trying not to disturb Ramiel from his light slumber.


However, once dressed, she tripped over Ramiel’s Jordan’s looking for her own shoes…

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Deja Vu 



I was on holiday in Detroit and one of the things that I wanted to do while I was there was check out Déjà Vu in Highland Park. 

Out of all the clubs in Detroit I picked that spot because Highland Park was not considered part of Detroit so it was not subject to the Holy Rollers decimation of fun times by forcing City Council to impose stupid rules on the strip clubs.

Rules like:

  • Topless dancers would remain six feet from the patrons and on a stage at all times.
  • No lap dancing and no mingling VIP…

Stress Relief 

Toni sat with her girlfriends at their table during Happy Hour. They were all toasty and feeling very unnecessary. They were celebrating. Toni had just received word that she was being promoted. She was a prosecutor in the district attorney's office and she would be the second chair when the DA tried a case or she'd be the lead on super important cases. She worked very hard to get where she was and she was proud of her accomplishments.

Perhaps she worked too hard. She tried the marriage thing but she…

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Ms. Nipples Undressed 




In my novel, Revenge – Between my Lover’s Legs…, I based my character Lvette on the luscious Ms. Nipples and the images that I have of Lvette in the book are of her.


Following, is a interview that that I did with her.  Reading it will give you a deeper understanding of the character Lvette and I hope you are moved by the pictures of her that I have In the book.




Her Mouth 

His text messages, emails and DMS kept me breathless, blushing and flustered for three days. A picture he sent was cause to relive tension immediately. I was tired of moist panties and twisting uncomfortably in my seat to stop my girl from throbbing with anticipation and need. I was determined that payback would be a bitch. Every time I sent him something naughty, what I received in return would make a whore beg for mercy.

I knew I was in trouble when the time finally came. He let me know that I had…

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The year was 1997. It was a Thursday afternoon, my college roommate and I loaded up the car for a road trip, destination Atlanta. The drive from Mississippi to Georgia was about 5 ½ hours. The occasion was the now defunct “Freak Nic”. It was my first experience and boy was it more than I expected. I was 19 at the time, and a freshman in college. We caravaned in two cars. With just enough money to drink, party and eat five of us rented one hotel room on Peachtree. To hell with the formal events, we were…

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Wife's First Time With Another Man 


My wife Karen and I have been married for 9 years, and have three kids. Karen is a short 5'1; slim, has an attractive face, short brunette hair, and smallish tits with magnificent large, puffy nipples. She’s fairly reserved, especially about sex. It’s not that Karen doesn’t enjoy it, she does, she’s just not comfortable talking about it. She claims to have no sexual fantasies, and outside of breathing heavily, makes little sound while we’re having sex, which is maybe once or twice a month since the…

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Big Gurls 

I learned my lesson about sleepin on the sexual skills of big women. Damn. I was studying with Ashley, one of my classmates in my student apartment one night. She was 5’6”, wore light brown contacts, kept her hair done, had 40 D breasts and thick thighs. It was getting late. She wouldn’t be able to make it back to her dorm before she was locked out. So I told her she could spend the night. We continued to study until around midnight and took a break.

“I need to get comfortable. You mind if I change?”…

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Amen Sister 

I can’t believe what I’m doing!

I know I’ll be going to hell when I die, but I just can’t make myself care. I feel freer and more alive than I ever have. I’m tingling all over.

I’m lying nude on my side in bed with an ex-con named Wade Masterson, the strongest, most masculine man I’ve ever been close to. I have his enormous cock in my right hand, stroking it up and down. He’s telling me how he likes it done — and incredibly, I’m obeying him, shamelessly! My left hand is cupped around his powerful…

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