Knockin' Boots


(four out of five stars)


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Everyone should have at least one addiction....


In many of the interviews that I have read by Tracy Price-Thompson in regards to her book Knockin' Boots, she describes the book as her personal indictment against the evils of sexual addiction. Although I don't think she made her point in that respect, I do believe she showcased her skill as an exceptional writer.


I was amused and captivated as the story unfolded fleshing out the personalities of the main characters. Although, a few of them were written over the top, I could identify with her characters and relate them with people that I know.


The sex scenes within the book were both varied and steamy albeit to short for my tastes. In fact, the overall book appeared to be rushed. I am not a proponent of the "short and sweet" novel. If a novel is a good read I don't care if it is 500 pages. I'm not sure if Ms. Thompson was rushed by her publisher to get done or just bended to the will of readers who won't pick up a book over 300 hundred pages, but I would have loved it if Ms. Thompson would have expanded the sex scenes and backgrounds of the characters in her novel making it twice as long or breaking it up into two novels making it an even better read.


With that said, Knockin' Boots is a worthy pick for people looking for something to read in the black erotic fiction genre.


Euftis Emery

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