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A few of months ago, I came across an article on the Miami New Times web page titled “The Nine Best Strip Clubs in Miami, Now That Goldrush Is Gone (NSFW)” and after reading it, I thought it was only right that I set the record straight on who the REAL 9 best Strip Clubs in Miami are. Below are “The REAL 9 Best Strip Clubs in Miami” straight to you from a strip club connoisseur himself. Please enjoy responsibly.

9. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club (Miami, FL)

Currently located where the Infamous “Centro Español” was formerly located on South River Dr, Stiletto Gentlemen’s club is on the right track to becoming everything that a modern day strip club should be and everything that Centro Español wasn’t. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club offers a tropical strip club ambiance with some of Miami’s hottest strippers and best bottle specials in town. If you’re not in the mood to do the whole sti1strip club thing you can kick back in their outdoor patio lounge by the river under one of their cabanas with a cold bucket of Coronas and a few good friends. This club has only been open for 6 months but I see big things in their future. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club will soon be the ONLY strip club in Miami where you’ll be able to pull up in your boat, dock it and get off and party with strippers. I highly encourage everyone to check this club out. It’s a definite must see.

8. Cheetahs (Hallandale, FL)chee1

Though Cheetahs is located in Hallandale and not in Miami, it’s a hop and a skip away and definitely worth the drive. Cheetahs, offers some of the best daily FREE lunch specials that I’ve ever had and the strippers and waitresses aren’t too bad either. Friday and Saturday nights from my experience are the best nights at Cheetahs. I highly recommend that you experience your next favorite sporting event in their state of the art SOUND PROOF Sports lounge with 10 – 60″ HD TV’s and 6 Projectors. It’s like sports bar but with FULL NUDITY.

7. WonderLand (Miami, FL)won1

When you think about a strip club located on Biscayne Blvd you probably think of: Goons, Thugs and Tatted up strippers with gold teeth. Fortunately, Wonderland is none of the above. From their multiple skybox suites to their exotic dancers, Wonderland is a step above in class from your typical Miami strip club. With that said, nothing that’s good is cheap so if you’re “Balling on a Budget” Wonderland is not for you.

6. Booby Trap (Doral, FL) bt1

Booby Trap Doral is a timeless classic. This fine establishment has been providing S. Floridians with some of the finest T & A on the planet for the last 18 years. When all else fails, you can always count on BT’s Doral for a good time.

5. Playmates Club (Coral Gables, FL)

Formerly known as Alley Cat, Playmates Clubpm is what we consider being Coral Gables best kept secret. Classy, sexy and the most fun you can have with your clothes on, Playmates is where businessmen, college students and everyday people come together to play, party and have a good time. 50+ strippers, HOT waitresses, drunken college girls & TOP NOTCH customer service are just a few of the reasons that make Playmates club one of our personal favorite strip clubs.

4. Pt’s Showclub (Hialeah Gardens, FL)pt3

Located in Hialeah Gardens, FL. Pt’s Showclub FL is a PERFECT example of a REAL Miami Strip Club. 50+ strippers, HOT waitresses and Power 96’s own DJ EPPS on the 1’s & 2’s, create the ultimate Miami strip club experience. Their LIVE porn star performances, top-less car washes and themed parties are just a few of their regular monthly events. On a typical night you can expect to run into your favorite porn star, rapper or even Miami’s own “Frank Gore” popping bottles, making it rain and just having a good old time.

3. King of Diamonds (Miami Gardens, FL)kod

If extreme pole tricks’, making it rain and popping bottles with rappers is your cup of tea, King of Diamonds is the place for you. The strip club of choice to rappers and athletes alike, KOD is the undisputed KING of black strip clubs in Miami. From their world famous “Monday night fight night” to their swag surfing strippers, KOD offers a strip club experience like no other.

2. Tootsies Cabaret (Miami Gardens, FL)tootsies

This giant needs no introduction. Over 300 strippers, 74,000 square feet, 4 full liquor bars, 400+ square foot main stage, over 30 plasma screens, private champagne rooms and a full restaurant serving breakfast lunch and dinner makes Tootsies the Goliath of all Miami strip clubs. “It’s a strip club the size of a COSTCO with enough silicone implants to fill an entire Olympic sized swimming pool” LITERALLY.

1. Scarlett’s Cabaret (Hallandale, FL)sc5

If you’re interested in seeing some T&A in the MIA and partying until the sun comes up, the possibilities are endless. But if you’re looking to party like a rock star with over 100 strippers, robots on stilts and insane LED light shows until 8AM; Scarlett’s Cabaret in Hallandale is the place for you. Much more than a strip club, Scarlett’s Cabaret combines the concept of a night club and strip club together to create an experience that even the most uptight girlfriend would enjoy. Any strip club can offer a good time but when only the best will do, head to Scarlett’s Cabaret in Hallandale, FL and tell them Strip Club Etiquette101 sent you.

So there it is, Miami. These are “The REAL 9 Best Strip Clubs in Miami” and we hope you will agree. For those clubs that didn’t make the cut “don’t feel discouraged and better luck next time” and for the clubs that did make list “Keep up the good work and remember that there’s always room for improvement.” As always, I want to thank you for making your #1 source for everything strip club related in S. Florida & Ft. Lauderdale. Hit us up on Twitter @Thecoach00 & @TheRealTyShades, on Instagram @StripClubEtiquette101_; email us at and “Like” Strip Club Etiquette 101 on FB for strip club news, humor and conversation 365 days a year, the way it should be. Until next time be safe, stay tipping and support the #NakedHustle



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