Who took the black MAN out of RoMANce?


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Question: Who took the black MAN out of RoMANce?

My best friend and I were talking on the phone last night. We were discussing that movie "Something New" with Sanaa Lathan and all the good reviews it received.

She also brought up a good point, white men know how to romance a woman and black men don't.

We started comparing notes and they started coming together.

White men know how to go out on dates and actually not want anything but a kiss in return.

Black men pay for your dinner and want some ass in return to compensate.

White men open doors, compliment you, and treat you like a precious jewel.

Black men let you fend for yourself and call it "…being independent".

White men will wait until you are ready to be intimate, so they can plan everything perfectly.

Black men would screw you in the back of their car if you let them, if you won't they get mad and never call again.

Have black men gotten so bad that they just don't care about making a woman fell like the Nubian queens that we are?

Or have black women made such a bad reputation for themselves that black men feel like they can treat us any kind of way? What do you think?



Answer: Hmmmmmmmm.... Where do I begin?

First off you made a general comparison to white and black men. That ain‘t cool. There are just as many white dawgs as black so you shouldn't have gone there.

Then you made the statement that, “…white men know how to romance a woman and black men don't.”  Have you dated every black man in the world dear?  No you haven’t.

I'm all about romance. I'll pick a woman up, open doors, dress her in a nice outfit and take her somewhere nice and different and show you a very good time.

Thus, I negate your biased assumption by my lonesome.

The next foolish statement that you made was, “…white men know how to go out on dates and actually not want anything but a kiss in return.”

Ohhhhh you poor lil naïve thing.  Whenever a man does does…anything…for a woman 90.99% of the time its because he wants to fuck you.  Regardless of race.  Even if it’s as simple as saying ‘hello’. He’s speaking because he wants to fuck you.

And the white men that you deem so much more romantic than their black counterparts want to fuck you in the most dirty and sleazy ways possible. 

I work in corporate America and I cannot count how many white boy fantasies that I listened to from my white co-workers who were lusting over black women.

So the white guy that you thinks only wants a ‘kiss’ for the privilege of basking in your presence is just bidding their time until they can enact all of their NiggaFuckSlut fantasies all over you.  Pun intended.

You poor, foolish, naïve thing you…

I'm very curious as to what type of date that you are. What do I mean by this? I'm going to digress for a bit, but you'll get the point.

Personally, I would only date women who I am sexually attracted to and want to have some sort of relationship with. I'm a typical…male.

Women who date a man are in two categories. 1) attracted to me as much if not more than I am attracted to them, or 2) looking for someone to…take them out…

A gentleman regardless of race will romance a woman who is interested in him.  If a woman dates a man that she is interested in and he fails to romance her then she is dating the wrong man.

However, a woman who uses a man in order to take them out does not deserve to be treated like a lady.

When I was young, my favorite uncle pulled me to the side and had a long talk with me about women.  In short, my uncle taught me that you don’t treat all women the same.  A lady should always be respected and protected, however, a ho should always be treated like a ho.

Therefore, a woman who uses a man to take them out with no attraction or interest places herself into the category of a ho. 

Get the picture? This type of woman is a hooka. And should be treated as such. She is not a lady that you are courting. She's a wanna be playette tryin' to get over with her looks, because she can't pay her own way and has little if anything to offer. Feel me?

A hooka engages in a business transaction. You want to be taken out to someplace nice by somebody that you‘re not really feelin‘? Cool. Then don't trip when he is ready to bend you ova in the back seat of his car so he can fuck ya in return of the ‘payment’ of a free meal.

There are far too many women out here who want to be treated like a ‘queen’ when they have few if any qualities of a refined lady.

You want to be treated like a queen? Then act like one.  Then you’ll be treated like one.


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