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Dear Daddy, I have a problem that is a little unusual. I have a gentleman friend that I have been seeing for about 6 years. Our relationship is not exclusive, and a few months ago he started talking about his fantasies and all the things he wanted to do, but had never done. Hey, I am up for almost anything, but some of his fantasies are things I am just not into.

So, I suggested that we go to a swingers club together. I had been to one, and knew that there were people there that are into some of the things he wanted to try. He didn't like the idea at first, but eventually went with me. He absolutely loved it and wants to go all the time now.

The problem is, all he does is watch me! When I go to a swing club or party, I like to "make the rounds" and play a little with as many men as possible, and I assumed he would do the same thing, but he mostly just sits a short distance away and watches me with different men with a little smile on his face.

I let the ladies at the club know that they could drag him off and do anything they wanted with him (he is a VERY accommodating fellow). Some of them have, and he had a lot of fun with them, but if he is left on his own, he just watches me. He seems to have fun, but I would like to encourage him to go out and try all the things he talked about wanting to do. How can I do that?


Sweet KittyCat,

What a wonderfully thoughtful woman you are! I commend you! I really do! It takes a very rare and exceptionally woman who can hear her man out as he expresses his deepest sexual desires AND provide him with an avenue to experience those desires if she can’t give him what he needs.

With that said though, your boyfriend doesn’t have a problem. You do. Yes…he may have had some fantasies, however, his reality is that he has discovered that it turns him the hell on to watch his woman getting it on with other men. He’s a man after my own heart. There is nothing hotter than memorizing every detail of your woman getting it on with someone else and then replaying it in your mind when you do her or someone else. Don’t try to understand it. It’s all good. Please believe me. The issue is that you have a problem with him watching you. Your issue stems from one of two reasons:

1) You want him to participate with you or others so the two of you can share experiences.

2) You’re uncomfortable with him watching you get your slut on.

If the issue is that you want him to participate more at the club then suggest that he collar you when you go. Then have him tell you who you should have sex with and how. You can then get off on his participation via his instruction of you and he can get off by watching.

However, I think my second point is your problem. Your just are more comfortable swinging solo. You have no issues being your most wanton self in the presence of men that you don’t care about.

However, you don’t want your man to see that in you. Get over it! You’ve got it better than most of the women in this world. You’ve got a man who will not only let you fuck other men but he gets off on it as well. Don’t fuck it up!

The next time you go to the club point out to your man a guy you want to do and say something like this.

“See that guy over there baby?”

“Yea”, your man says.

“I wanna suck his dick. Do you wanna watch your horny girl suck his dick?”

“Ohhh hell yea”, your man will say.

Go suck that dick and when your done walk back to your man and TELL him every aspect of it that you dug about it. Do that every time you get with someone. Tell him what you want to do before hand and what you liked about it when you are done. I guarantee! He will fuck you better than he ever has.

Whose your Daddy?

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