Oral Orgasm


I was chatting, well more listening to a co-worker who was bragging to me about an oral sex episode that he had the night before with his wife (so lame).  I was listening versus sharing because corporate America is inundated with Beta males who now view themselves as Alpha in the artificial world of money and finance.

So I’m listening to dude tell his story about his interlude with his wife and he mentions that he doesn’t want to fuck until he has had a little head.

Forgetting that I’m talking to a Beta, I agree with him stating that I don’t bother to get down unless I’ve had at least forty-five minutes to an hour worth of fellatio.

“Forty minutes!”  My co-worker exclaimed in disbelief.  “I’d be bustin’ after five minutes!  You can’t last that long.  You’re lying!”

I half-way rolled my eyes and didn’t comment letting the week little Beta think that I was pulling his leg in order to minimize his jealousy of me.  It’s best for the wolf to minimize his presence when he’s amongst the sheep.  Corporate America is amusing in that it is high school turned upside down.

The geeks and dweebs rule the professional world and harass/hold back the popular, overly attractive or above average intelligent.

The geeks and dweebs can’t handle being faced with reality of other than their job they ain’t shit so I masked and kept to myself my exploits and sexuality because I knew with certainty that they couldn’t handle it.

The Beta continued his boring tale as his eyes flicked to my face enviously as he wondered if I was telling the truth while praying that I wasn’t at the same time.

Knowing his thoughts, I toyed with the idea of completely fucking him up by letting him know that not only was I always blessed with at least an hour of oral sex before fucking a pussy…

But that most of the women who gave me head had multiple orgasms while serving me.  Inwardly I smiled knowing the Beta’s head would explode if he knew that little fact and that he would spontaneously combust if he knew that half of that number would suck my dick for hours and then cuddle with me content needing nothing more than my sweet dick in their mouth.

I met my first woman who could be satisfied with nothing more than oral sex my first year out of Howard University.

I was dating a thick, redbone with hair to the middle of her back and hazel eyes.  She was sexy.  And the best thing about her was that she had never been turned out.

I brought her home after our first date and we had an in-depth conversation about sex.  My first question as I rubbed on that juicy ass was did she like to give head.

She grinned, blushed and confessed that she had always wanted to but the guys that she had dated in the past had all been insensitive and tried to force her to suck them off so she was resistant to do it.

Armed with this knowledge, I knew that I would have to take my time with her while throwing down with the special treatment.

I peeled off her dress and pulled down those panties to find she had a bush between her legs.  I prefer my pussy bald so I asked her if I could shave it so that I could lick her senseless.

Her eyes got big as she stared at me blankly and then nodded her head in agreement. 

I smiled as I surmised that being shaved or licked where both additional things that she had never done before as well.


Using a bowel of hot water, I shaved her bald as she watched without blinking with a silly grin on her face and her arms crossed.

A thick bead of girl juice glued the outer lips of her pussy together.  It was clear and smelled wonderful so I lapped it up with one lick.  Delicious.

I licked her to several screaming orgasms and then fucked her to sleep. 

We went out a few more times and I waxed that ass good each and every time.

On the third date I brought her home, rubbed on that ass, looked deep in her eyes and asked, “Are you ready?”

She gave me a cheesy grin knowing exactly what I wanted and replied, “I’m more ready than I have ever been.” 

Sliding down between my legs with no hesitation, I stuck my jive in her face and she hungrily took it into her mouth.

I had taken many oral cherries prior to my new friend and the first time the women were always hesitant, nervous and somewhat embarrassed.  But this bitch attacked my shit like a hungry dog with a big bone.

I looked on amazed as she went to work because although she lacked skill she more than made up for it in intensity.

Her lick lickin’, smackin, and slurpin’ turned me on to the point where I started to drip pre-cum freely into her eager mouth.

At this point, most first timers would freak out after tasting salty sweetness from the tip of a man’s dick and require gentle coaxing to continue.

However, girlfriend was not deterred.  She was turned on as her tempo increased with soft moans and her hands massaged my balls and the bottom of my shaft to milk additional pre-cum into her hungry mouth.

I laughed at her naughty greediness and she looked up concerned chuckling nervously with my dick never leaving her mouth.

Staring into her worried eyes I nodded at her reassuringly that I wanted her to continue and she did making a sigh of relief as she exhaled all over my shaft.

The suckin’ was getting good as my meat swelled to its maximum size and my balls retracted towards my body.

When a woman sucks your dick for the first time you usually don’t pop off in her mouth since she hasn’t had a chance to mentally prepare for the experience.  It’s just not polite.

So as I hovered on the brink of orgasm I debated with myself on whether I should give her a friendly heads up or just fuck it and release the dogs of war.

Warn her… Cum…  Warn her… Cum…  Warn her…” I thought as fought to hold back the flood so I could enjoy every last millisecond of her good head.

Warn her… Cum…  Warn…  Awwwww Shit!  I’m cummminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” I screamed waking my neighbors.

As I exploded, I felt bad surprising her with a bucket of jizz down her throat.  My loads are massive, and even an experienced dick sucka has problems handling one so I as looked down at her concerned as my manhood continued to pump hot cum into her mouth I quickly realized that I didn’t need to be.

She groaned from the bottom of her gut and gulped loudly as if she was chugging a beer and her wet pussy convulsed on my leg as her back arched.

After downing the load, she frantically sucked and jerked on the dick to get it hard again.  Surprised thinking that she was going to stop after I came, I looked on in amazement as she sucked and sucked and sucked until my penis overcame its post-orgasm sensitivity and became hard again.

I looked on in amazement not saying a word to fuck up the moment as after getting a taste girlfriend went at it even more vigorously than before.

Never having it like this, I looked on silently until I came in her mouth again and she slurped it up as if it was the most delicious thing that she had ever tasted with more multiple pussy spasms.

Thinking that she was finally done, I started to rise up from the bed only to have her lock me down as she looped her arms under my legs and continued her furious head pumping to get it back up once again.

Amazed that she was still sucking and even more that I was raising again, I propped myself up on my elbows and continued to watch the show.

Putting in overtime, minutes later I came for a third time and girlfriend became frenzied again as she lapped it up.  Thoroughly drained she continued to suck as she worked my flaccid member to get some nut for the forth time.

Having literally nothing more to give, I pulled her up to my face and wrapped her into a strong hug.  “You’re a keeper.  Yes. You’re a…keeper!”  I thought happily as I lightly patted her on the back.

After that day the majority of the time that we got down all she wanted to do was suck my dick because she was satisfied from the multiple clitoral orgasms that she had when she did.

As I have evolved into the Daddy/Dom that I am today, I’ve sought subs that love to suck dick and trained them to cum on demand when my dick is in their mouth.

All of this builds up to the collage that precedes this story.  It shows a glimpse of an intense scene with a young slut that I had the pleasure of molding and training.  With her sweet baby face, 40 double D lactating tits and fifty inches of ass, she was an absolute joy to mold.

When I met her, she already had made the transformation into a wanton, remorseless slut.  But she had never dreamed that her true calling was being a willing submissive to a Dom with a firm hand.

She had shared her insatiable desire for dick before we met and when I got my hands on her for the first time I had no choice but to give her a severe red bottom, while making her confess all the nasty things that she had done that month.

Her paddling was severe.  She had much to confess.  But she loved every second of it.

Savoring the sweetness of how I ravaged her mind in addition to her body, my luscious baby girl fully submitted to me.  A Dom’s mission is to elevate a submissive in the realm of sexual experience.

However, how do you sexually elevate a wanton slut who can and does fuck every man that she wants?

By depriving her ravenous pussy of her Daddy’s dick of course.

Our first session upon her submission I made her suck my dick for over an hour until she begged me to fill up her quivering hole with my throbbing member.  I refused of course.  My young slut was accustomed to getting her hungry pussy filled when she wanted it and she needed to learn that she would get what she wanted only when…I…wanted to give it to her.

She continued to beg to be fucked which only made my dick harder in her mouth turned on by denying her what she craved.  Her begging turned into demands so I was forced to take her by a handful of her long hair, tie her up standing to a door and introduce her to my most painful paddle.


I eventually released her once that I could see that she understood who was running things from the tears that streamed down her pretty face. 

Two seconds after falling to her knees after being untied from her bonds, I filled her mouth with rock hard cock and fucked her face until I dumped a huge load down her throat.

Grateful for her subservience, I stuffed a 12-inch strap on into her cock craving coochie until she squirted all over it.

Her lessons continued with me keeping her feed with lots of yummy cum and turning her into an anal whore after taking her starfish virginity.

Babygirl can have any dick in her pussy but mine and the deprivation of my dick between her legs made her have the most incredible orgasms whenever I fucked her mouth or ass.

Copyright (c) 2016 Euftis Emery, All rights reserved


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