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I am married with a child.My wife is oftentimes tired and pre-occupied with other things.As a result our sex life is slacking.I have talked to her and I have taken on more household responsibilities as well as more parenting duties with our son.But we still haven't increased the frequency of sex.Plus she is stilled tired and is pretty much a lazy lay.I don't feel like I am willing to leave or contemplate leaving her.I don't want to keep nagging/begging.My solution is a side piece ( no judgement ).What advice can you give me on approaching a mature woman about getting together and letting her know up front what my situation is without deceit .I have read all of your books if you can refer me to a situation that you wrote about in one of your books that relates to this issue that would be great.

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Before I give you advice on getting a side piece I propose the first thing that you do is exhaust all avenues in getting your wife to satisfactorily meeting her wifely duties.   After all, you are married and I'm assuming that your initial intent was that it should be a monogamous one.  
Believe when I say that I'm not judging you because I have been there.  However, you loved her enough to put a ring on her finger and have a child so give her a chance to fix it (pun intended).
Let's take a step back and let me preface what I said.  When you marry someone you need to be "equally yoked".  Of one mind and in accord.  In accord mentally, spiritually and....sexually.  If you want it five times a week and she only wants it five times a month it's not going to work.
But let's assume that you are equally yoked sexually because you did marry her in the first place.  So what's up?  She's tired and pre-occupied with other things so she doesn't want to have sex with her husband.  Why?
That's the first question that you need to ask her and she needs to honestly answer it. However, if she is telling you that she is sexually connect with her husband....she's on some bullshit.
She either wants out of the relationship or she's disgusted/resentful towards you for one or more reasons.
If that's the case, then you will need to determine if your want to go through hours of conversation and counseling to fix it.
But what if she is just a lazy lay as you implied?  I have to ask if she was always one.  If not, then a serious conversation in regards to what you need from her sexually and an agreement on how often you have sex (i.e., 2 - 3 times a week) should solve your issue.
So let's say that you attempt all of the above and you're still not getting any satisfaction.  Then you'll need to divorce her and get a younger and better model or stay married and get that side piece that you're dreaming about.
Let's look at the various ways that you can get a side piece:



Sugar Daddy

Sperm Donor 


A mistress is what most men fantasize on getting as a side piece.  A hot woman who has her own job and home who will fuck you good even though she knows you have a wife at home.  However, there is one key thing that a man needs to get and maintain a mistress and it's not money. It's Game.  I can't break down al of the nuances of runnin' game to get a side piece in this article so read my book, Revenge - Between my Lover's Legs to get some ideas and practice on improving your game.
The easiest option for a married man who wants some additional coochie is a prostitute.  There is no drama or emotional attachment and she will fuck you wherever and however you want it. the price is right...  So if you don't mind paying for some good-good then go over to or hit up a stripper who offers take out services outside of the club.
Now if you have issues with fucking with a prostitute, then another option is to go the sugar daddy route.  Believe it or not, there are thousands of of very attractive women working 9-5 jobs in the 22-35 age range who are actively looking for a sugar daddy.   These women are willing break a brother off once or twice a week with the promise of a small allowance or paying a bill or two on a monthly basis. 
You may get caught up in a bit of drama going the sugar daddy route because these type of women...will...have a boyfriend or baby daddy that she won't tell about you.  So if you go this route...never...go to your sugar babies place.  Always...have her come to you.
Another issue being a SD is that your baby may not be that sexually adventurous with you.  After all, she's not a whore and she doesn't want you. She wants your money.  So she may choose to be a bare minimum boring fuck like your wife.
So if you go this route, when you find your baby you need to negotiate what you're going to pay and how/how often she's going to fuck you.  You literally need to create a verbal contract which both of you need to adhere to.
Keep in mind if you got good dick that your girl may get sprung.  If she does, you are going to get drama because she will start demanding to become wifey.  Bottom line if she brings you...any...drama drop the bitch and share your...suga...with another bitch.  And be sure to let her know up front that any drama will immediately void your contract.
On the reverse tip, don't commit the cardinal sin of getting sprung.  Because if your sweet thang thinks for a second that you're whipped on her good stuff she's gonna renegotiate the contract hard and rip open both your pockets!
Interviewing candidates to take the job is relatively easy.  Advertise on a website like SugarDaddyForMe.Com or start frequenting a bar with some regular hotties and let anyone who will listen know your situation and that you are proactively looking to be someones suga daddy.  If you establish a routine say going to the bar every thursday and advertise as I proposed within three weeks you'll have applicants who want to apply for the job.
The last option is going the sperm donor route.  There are tons of women in the 32-37 age range whose clocks are tickin' who for one reason or another can't snag mister right.  These women have given up on the thought of marriage and they are looking for a sperm donor with light eyes and/or above average intelligence to knock them up.
If you choose to go this route you need to get a...written contract...that she does not expect anything of a financial nature from you after the baby is born.  Pray that it takes her a while to get pregnant and enjoy the pussy while you can because the...second...that she gets pregnant it's over.
Going the sperm donor route takes the most work to find candidates.  You will need to befriend women in this age range to see if they are this type and candidly offer your services if they are.  Going the bar route with the suga daddy approach you can find women who are also looking for a sperm doner.
Whose your daddy?

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