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I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend stopped by without calling.  He knocked on the door

and I looked through the peep hole after just getting out of the shower.  I asked him what

he wanted he said that he had my money for cell phone charges he owed me and that he

wanted his stuff.


I told him to wait because I wasn't dressed, and he said it was never a problem b4 unless

I had company! LOL!


So, I just opened the door with a towel wrapped around me.  I said you just want to see me naked and smiled at him.  He didn't get the joke I guess or wasn't paying attention.  He just stared, and I said excuse me while I get dressed and walked away.


I went into the bedroom and while I pulled a t-shirt over my head he walked in.  I asked him what he was doing in here and he said to watch me dress.  I told him that I   didn’t feel comfortable and asked him to wait in the living room and I'd be right out.   


He walked out without saying anything.  I threw on some shorts, so I could hurry up and   get him out of my place and then I walked in to the other room to get his stuff   and took it to him.


He handed me $300 dollars and asked me if that was enough and I told him yes and   thanks for coming.  I started walking to the door to show him out and he just stood   there. I asked him if he had a problem and he said yes.  I asked him what it was, and   he dropped his bag, walked up to me and turned me around facing the wall.  


He started to rub his dick against my ass and I told him that it wasn’t a good idea   because we had both moved on and we should leave it like that because we don't make   each other happy.   


He pulled my ponytail to angle my head to the side and said, “…I told you I never had a   problem with you, you have the problem with me.”


I said, “Okay...fine but this is not good, and I'd rather not do this.” 


He asked, “Why…was I expecting a date?”


I said, “No I'm going to bed alone not that it’s any of your business.”


He said, “It is my business because you’re mine and nobody else's!  I want you back   and I’m spending the night!”


I said no and he stuck his tongue in my ear and begged me to stay.  I told him that we   can't go back and that I needed more, and he said he'd give it to me.  I reminded him   how he said the same shit to me b4.     

He ignored me pulling down my shorts and started playing with my pussy.  He dropped   his pants and rubbed his dick in between my butt cheeks and said, "See what you do   to me?"  


He told me that I can't leave him and that he loves me.  I told him that if he really loved   me he would want to see me happy.


He said he wanted to make me happy and turned me around and licked my nipples.  He   then bent down and lifted one leg over his shoulder and ate me out for a good   15 min. He stood up after I came in his mouth and whispered in my ear, “See?    Your body knows me, it needs me.”     


He then lifted me up against the wall and fucked the shit out of me.  He said in between   humps, "Nobody been taking care of this pussy huh?  Look at her…  She cuming   down my legs, you need me to take good care of her, you know I love you.  We're   meant to be together, everything is not going to be easy, but we can do it"  


Then he came and let me slide down the wall. He walked me over to the bed and we   laid down. We went to sleep, and he woke me with a few kisses to my neck the next   morning.  


He said, “I'm off to school sweetie...I'll call you later.”  


I looked at him and said, “I can't believe what happened!”


He said, “Believe it and I'll call you later.”


I said, “Yeah right!”  


Then he leaned down and looked me in my face and I was like, “Back up yo, my breathe   is kickin’!     


He said, “Girl give me some suga and I will call you later!”


Then I woke up!   


What was that dream about?  It seemed very real. A lot of times I can tell I'm dreaming   but can't do anything about it but this one seemed like it was really happening.  I mean I felt my heart beat harder when he came in my bedroom and scared me. I felt   the cold walls when he fucked the shit out me against it.  It was crazy.







   What a wonderfully vivid dreamer you are.




Acquiring the ability to interpret your   dreams is a powerful tool.  In analyzing your dreams, you can learn about your   deep secrets and hidden feelings.  So, what is your dream telling you?


To analyze your dreams, you need to look at the key symbols in the dream.  The key   symbols that I see in your dream are:


  1. Ex-boyfriend 
  2. Obsession 
  3. Rape 
  4. Fear    


Don’t be alarmed by the symbols I listed and take them at face value.  This is what I think your dream is telling you. 


Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is an indicator that your subconscious is telling you to never again settle for qualities exhibited by him.  Whatever it is that you need, he doesn’t have it.  Therefore, if you run into someone like him in the future…keep moving.  In your dream he was constantly trying to tell you what to do and every time you disagreed with him.


The obsessive behavior that your ex showed in the dream suggests that you need to take   some time to work through some difficulty.  (No…your dream is not telling you that he is a stalker.)  Since in your dream your boyfriend’s obsessive behavior revolved around sex, I suspect the difficulty that you need to work out is finding someone who can put it down like your ex.  Your subconscious is not telling you that you miss your ex. 


It is telling you that you need to find someone who can knock your back out like him.


The rape aspect of your dream suggests a sadistic expression of your sexual desire (I   LIKE that shit!).  To dream of being raped expresses an unconscious desire to be   violated, conquered, or forced into forbidden territory.  With you, I suspect it’s the   latter.  Dreaming of being raped also suggests that someone is jeopardizing your   self-esteem and emotional well-being.


Therefore, the rape element of your dream is telling you that you need someone who   can push your limits and broaden your horizons (not just sexually).  I would also say that your mind is telling you that your relationship with your ex damaged your self-esteem somewhat.  Take some time to heal emotionally. 


   The fear aspect of your dream I feel is the most important. This signifies that you are   having anxieties in certain circumstances of your life.  I suspect that anxiety revolves around your relationship with men.  My advice here is to take a step back and analyze your last relationship.  Look at the things you could have done better or differently so that you don’t make the same mistakes in your next relationship.


Hopes this helps.  And by all means…share your dreams with me anytime.  *wink*        


Who’s your Daddy?



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