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I get a lot of flack from readers who can't wait for me to get my next book done. However, with those that complain, they are not aware or pay attention to the material that I publish in my blogs and website to market my work to the un-initiated and entertain them between books.

Erotica, sex advice, playboy lifestyle, book excerpts for work in progress to name a few are just some of the things that I put out to meet the insatiable needs of my readers.

Hence, periodically I will bundle this work up in an E-Zine for your viewing pleasure. So now those of you complaining can download my e-zine since your lil fingers are too lazy to type out the address of my blog or website.

Happy now? Damn babies... Shaking my head.

So you can choose to search through my blogs or I’ll package everything up for you nice and pretty in an enhanced E-Book stuffed with plenty of links and nasty pictures.

If you're new to my work hopefully you will check out my books because if you find my blog entries entertaining I guarantee that you'll love my books.

With that said, welcome to Off the Chain Magazine Vol. 1. I hope you enjoy it.



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