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When I first read about the exploits of Alpha Phi Fukem in The Sex Chronicles I gave Zane a standing ovation.  The short story was both daring and brilliant.  Thus, when Zane finally wrote an entire novel regarding APF, I ran out to get the hard cover edition as soon as it hit the stands.


I devoured the book in a day.  Not because it was so good that I couldn’t put it down.  But because I thought at some point in the story Zane would give us an in-depth, steamy voyeurs view of these lusty females.  However, upon completion of the book, I was left…unsatisfied.


The character development was weak…at best.  Although, many freaks are born that way (me being one), many are molded by their circumstances.  I expected that Zane would take us into the minds of some of the sisters of APF and take us on a tour of their pasts to reveal the source of their sexual appetites.  Again, I was disappointed.


Zane also irritatingly went out of her way to depict these nymphomaniacs who on a regular basis staged orgies with random men as proponents of “safe sex”.  This was an oxymoron to say the least.  Zane went out of her way in just about every sex scene to state that a condom was being used.  Since it is a scientific fact that venereal diseases can be contracted even if a condom is used just because you’re using a condom at an orgy does not mean you are having “safe sex“.  Zane…you shouldn’t have bothered and made the sex smoldering.


The sex in the book was watered down and whole lot more could have been done with the character development.  I will use one word to describe this book.  Disappointing.




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Symntha January 05, 2018 @03:03 pm

Guess there is no need for me to waste my time or money on this one. Zane has been watered down for awhile. So, not really surprised.

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