3 out of 5 Stars




When I first read about the exploits of Alpha Phi Fukem in The Sex Chronicles I gave Zane a standing ovation.  The short story was both daring and brilliant.  Thus, when Zane finally wrote an entire novel regarding APF, I ran out to get the hard cover edition as soon as it hit the stands.

Gomorrah has been resurrected

Zedde tells a mesmeric tale of lust set in the backdrop of Miami. I am attracted to erotica in which I can potentially expand my own sexual horizons by learning something new or have a voyeuristic peek into things that I am incapable of experiencing (ie, lesbian relationships).


(four out of five stars)


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Everyone should have at least one addiction....


In many of the interviews that I have read by Tracy Price-Thompson in regards to her book Knockin' Boots, she describes the book as her personal indictment against the evils of sexual addiction. Although I don't think she made her point in that respect, I do believe she showcased her skill as an exceptional writer.

I need a barf bag!!!!

I would compare The Velvet Rope to a bad Hollywood horror movie.  You know the type (black folk can relate to this) of movie where the victims are so incredibly stupid that you are yelling at the screen pleading for the ax murderer to kill them because they deserve to be murdered for their stupidity.

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Mistaken Identity is about a woman who finds inner strength being someone else, but may be the fool in the end for her deceit.

For years Dana has loved Jerome from afar and for years Dana has watched her twin sister take everything she has wanted – Even Jerome.

So when Dana is given the opportunity to take her sister’s place on the wedding night, Dana jumps on it – or more like jump on Jerome. Yet, her deceit to her brother-in-law may make her the fool in the end.

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