Mexican brothels (called casa de citas, or "house of dates") exist in Puerto Vallarta,  In a tiny town like PV with it's huge population of prostitutes working in the strip clubs and as escorts , there aren't enough Mexicans to support brothels.  Fortunately, the cruise ship crews have needs.  Ask a taxi driver to take you to Las Alazanas or Las Antorches.  Another strategy is to go to the strip clubs first, and finish up with a cheap piece of chiquita at the casa de cita.  Talk to your tour operator. 


Antorchas is just across from the ferry terminal.  They only charge $500 for some pretty fine looking girls.  Sometimes they have 3 girls.  Sometimes they have 30.  A lot depends on whether the cruise ships are in.  That's where the Mexican stewards go.  Don't freak when you choose a girl and she takes you out back.  It's a 100 yards across a built up, narrow boardwalk across a swampy lot behind the Antorahas bar.  After dark, it's downright creepy.  However, nothing bad ever happens and she's leading you to a small house with several basic, clean bedrooms.  This may be the best brothel experience in Mexico.


You'll pay around $50 USD.  (They won't take US Dollars or your American Express card.  Convert your money to pesos before you go have a good time.)  




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