"Livin' better now...  Coogi sweater now...," is one of my favorite rap riffs of all time and a reflection of where I now see myself in life.

In the past, I would visit the Coogi website weekly and salivate over the line of limited edition clothing that changed every quarter.

I would mentally file away all the items that I wanted but couldn't afford.  That is until now.

Currently, I have over two hundred Coogi items that I floss year round.  

"Liven' better now...  Coogi sweater now..."

Although, I collect Coogi dress shirts, jeans and jackets, the sweaters are what I covet most.

When fashion-challanged individuals gawk at a Coogi sweater they are over-whelmed with the swirling colors and wonder why someone would wear on.

However, when I look at a Coogi sweater I see a work of art.

I've always been fascinated with art in its various forms and feel that clothing that mixes art with wearability is the ultimate expression of artistic expression. 

This article expands on hazem the architect behind the science of the complex patterns that make the brand of Coogi recognizable on sight.





Mexican brothels (called casa de citas, or "house of dates") exist in Puerto Vallarta,  In a tiny town like PV with it's huge population of prostitutes working in the strip clubs and as escorts , there aren't enough Mexicans to support brothels.  Fortunately, the cruise ship crews have needs.  Ask a taxi driver to take you to Las Alazanas or Las Antorches.  Another strategy is to go to the strip clubs first, and finish up with a cheap piece of chiquita at the casa de cita.  Talk to your tour operator. 


Antorchas is just across from the ferry terminal.  They only charge $500 for some pretty fine looking girls.  Sometimes they have 3 girls.  Sometimes they have 30.  A lot depends on whether the cruise ships are in.  That's where the Mexican stewards go.  Don't freak when you choose a girl and she takes you out back.  It's a 100 yards across a built up, narrow boardwalk across a swampy lot behind the Antorahas bar.  After dark, it's downright creepy.  However, nothing bad ever happens and she's leading you to a small house with several basic, clean bedrooms.  This may be the best brothel experience in Mexico.


You'll pay around $50 USD.  (They won't take US Dollars or your American Express card.  Convert your money to pesos before you go have a good time.)  



Beware of the taxi drivers.  In many Mexican cities, a good taxista is a valuable ally when looking for a strip club.  In Puerto Vallarta, taxi drivers can double their daily wages by taking you to the worst ripoff places in town.  The driver will tell you how dangerous going to a strip club is.  He'll talk about how you'll be overcharged, cheated, treated without respect and pressured to tip constantly unless you go where he suggests.  When you agree, the asshole will deliver you to the very place he's warning you about.   They are paid a commission.  The doorman sees the taxista delivering a Norte Americano, and either charges you a huge cover or pads your bill.  Either way, you've just paid extra to have the worst possible strip club experience in P.V.  It's an organized ripoff, and legal.  If you're new to the Mexican strip club experience, click here.  It's very different than the U.S. or Canada.  Your lack of information could cost you dearly.  There are a lot of complaints about padded tabs in Puerto Vallarta strip clubs, so consider paying as you go.  (The only other city with a widespread problem like this is Monterrey.)

Mexican strip clubs are like a powerful drug.  They can be so enjoyable they're addictive.  It's also possible to have an awful experience.  The difference is usually simple information, understanding what power you have and don't have.  Hopefully, this page will be all you need.  Pay attention to your teacher at the left. 

A few of months ago, I came across an article on the Miami New Times web page titled “The Nine Best Strip Clubs in Miami, Now That Goldrush Is Gone (NSFW)” and after reading it, I thought it was only right that I set the record straight on who the REAL 9 best Strip Clubs in Miami are. Below are “The REAL 9 Best Strip Clubs in Miami” straight to you from a strip club connoisseur himself. Please enjoy responsibly.

9. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club (Miami, FL)

Currently located where the Infamous “Centro Español” was formerly located on South River Dr, Stiletto Gentlemen’s club is on the right track to becoming everything that a modern day strip club should be and everything that Centro Español wasn’t. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club offers a tropical strip club ambiance with some of Miami’s hottest strippers and best bottle specials in town. If you’re not in the mood to do the whole sti1strip club thing you can kick back in their outdoor patio lounge by the river under one of their cabanas with a cold bucket of Coronas and a few good friends. This club has only been open for 6 months but I see big things in their future. Stiletto Gentlemen’s Club will soon be the ONLY strip club in Miami where you’ll be able to pull up in your boat, dock it and get off and party with strippers. I highly encourage everyone to check this club out. It’s a definite must see.

8. Cheetahs (Hallandale, FL)chee1

Though Cheetahs is located in Hallandale and not in Miami, it’s a hop and a skip away and definitely worth the drive. Cheetahs, offers some of the best daily FREE lunch specials that I’ve ever had and the strippers and waitresses aren’t too bad either. Friday and Saturday nights from my experience are the best nights at Cheetahs. I highly recommend that you experience your next favorite sporting event in their state of the art SOUND PROOF Sports lounge with 10 – 60″ HD TV’s and 6 Projectors. It’s like sports bar but with FULL NUDITY.

I’ve had the opportunity to check out Club Onyx and I must say that I’m very impressed. The first thing that I’d like to mention about the club is the security. Before you can even drive into the parking lot you’re stopped by armed security that checks your glove compartment and trunk for drugs and weapons. So don’t drive to the spot dirty.

Uniqueness is a major aspect of living a playboy lifestyle and one major way in standing out from the herd is your selection of eyewear. One particular brand that I like to flaunt is Oakley's.  But not the current line.  Classic Oakleys with one line being the Zero and Sub Zero line of sunglasses.

With this line being out of stock for the last twenty years, collecting them can be hard and expensive.  However, if you're lucky enough to acquire a pair, your look will stand you out from everyone.

A playboy lifestyle is comprised of many things and one of my favorites is the enjoyment of a fine cigar.  I smoke then during social festivities and especially before engaging in a hot fuck.  The relaxing effect coupled with the nice buzz improves the intensity of the love making.

Following is Cigar Affecionado's top 25 cigars for last year.  My personal favorites from this list are as follows:


  • Motecristo #2
  • Cohiba Beike BHK 54
  • Gurkha 25 Anniversary XO

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