I need help. My fiancé is the sweetest, kindest most thoughtful man I have ever met. Butttttt. he has a female best friend. They go everywhere together, they tell each other everything, they work together and are together in some way every day. He says that they are just friends and have been for over ten years. He is very attentive to me but if I call and she is around his tone changes. He always ends with I love you, unless she is around. And the only time he does not call on schedule is when he is with her. I've talked to some of my girlfriends about the situation and they think that I should talk to my fiancé's friend to feel her out. What do you think? Should I invest the rest of my life with this man?



C'mon you know what's up. Whenever a man is extra tight with a woman and calls her his friend it's because she has everything that he wants in a woman except one major thing.

That's why she's a friend.

But if she ever fixes that one thing she is missing you best believe she will…immediately…be moved out of the friend category.

Every friend that I had like that there was some form of intimacy although it was limited. So although your man is not doing girl every night he is doing something with her every now and then. Please don't play yourself and think that he is not.

I firmly believe that your spouse should be your best friend. It sounds like that place will not be filled by you. Can you deal with that? I'll answer that question for you since I know a little bit about you love.

You’re a Scorpio!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya'll don't play second fiddle. Period! If you're bothered're going to be livid when he's doing what he is now when you got his ring on your finger. You're pressed about being married; however, what you need to be concerned with is finding the best person for you dear.

And if you're asking this question then you should know he is not. The perfect relationship is easy. You don't have to put that much work into it.

In regards to talking to your fiancé's friend…I really don't think you should talk to her at all. What I would be curious about is which one of them has something wrong with them. Is it him? Or is it her?

If he is the one that is missing something you need to be very concerned... because if he can fix the it whatever it is she is going to take your man ring or not. The main question you need to ask yourself is can you share your man or not? Like I said…I don't think you can.

So you need to be talking to your dude and let him know that if you are going to be his wife that he needs to kick his friend to the curb. If you're not his everything what the hell are you going to wear his ring for?

If he can do that...marry him.

If he can' better not.

Because we can bet money right now that you won't be married long or you will be seriously cheating on him.

Whose your Daddy?

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