I told my girlfriend that I wanted to watch 2 women freak each other for my birthday. She's cool with it (even though she won't participate). How do I make the most out of this situation?



I think what you're really asking me is how do you get your woman to engage into threesomes/moresomes with other females. So how do you make the most out of your birthday celebration? You don't. You blew it. So enjoy watching the festivities and if you want to keep your girl you better not do anything else.

You fucked up this opportunity because you got your girl to sign off on...watching...two other women get busy without participation between either of you. You're probably thinking that your girl will get turned on by the event and decide to join in and then happy ole you can jump in the middle.

That just might happen...however...if you join in your girl is going to get pissed that you're only going Women have double standards so even though your girl may decide to break the agreement a bit she expects you to follow it to the letter.

In addition, you have not had a conversation with your girl to determine boundaries in having a threesome. So even if your dreams come true and your girl gleefully joins the fray and beckons you to get some three-way bday lovin', you will probably fuck it up by doing something that your girl will feel is only special for her.

But dont' fret. Although you won't partake of multiple twats on your birthday, you stand a good chance of turning your woman on to girls in the future.

The first thing that you need to do is help her come to the realization that she's into girls. You're halfway there because if your girlfriend is willing to watch two other women go at it with you then she's probably bi-curious.

However, what you need to do to push her over the slippery slope (pun intended) is ensure that the women at your birthday party festivities are attractive to...her...not You don't want your girlfriend to prematurely get turned off from the concept of doing girls because you had her sit up and watch two women have sex that she doesn't find attractive.

Pay close attention to your girl during the festivities to note if she gets turned on (or better yet joins in) and then have a candid conversation with her afterwards discussing what she liked about it.

Once your girlfriend comes to the realization and...admits...that she likes girls then you can propose future activities to bring another woman into the bedroom.

My book "I'm shy..." goes into a step-by-step process that can be used to turn your woman on to girls. The link is below so get the book and follow my guidelines.

Good luck, but watch out. You just may turn your girl out but I hope you can deal with it if she decides that she prefers...pussy...more than your dick.

Whose your Daddy?

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Dexter May 07, 2013 @09:33 am

Thanks man.You hit on points that I never would have thought of.I have all of your books so I will have to go back and review sections of I'm Shy.Yes I said review.Between your writings and the writings of Eric Jerome Dickey I have learned a lot about dealing with the emotions and psyche of women.As a matter of fact when I was single in order to test the freak factor of a woman I would leave a copy of "Off da chain" laying around the crib.If they liked the book it was a good chance they were freaky as hell.You should drop a quick sex manual for men on ebook.I'm quite sure it would not be your usual lame sex manual.Keep up the good work!

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