I went to Santiago for my birthday in March/2012 and I’d like to detail my experience from a black man’s perspective. After reading Sly’s datasheet on Santiago at Roosh forum when I was doing research on my trip, I decided to do some leg work upfront before I went since I wasn’t fluent in Spanish.

So I got online and met a couple of females that I could go out with when I got there. Since I approached them online, I used Google Translate to talk to them in Spanish and translate their responses into English every time that I chatted with them.

So when I got into Santiago a couple of months later I checked into Hodelpha Centro Plaza.


The hotel sits on the corner of Calle Del Sol which is the main drag downtown and it has decent amenities for a hotel in Santiago. If your plan is to post up when you get there then Calle Del Sol is good spot to do it…if…you don’t stand out. I’ll expand on that later.

My first day there I have to admit that I was flat out uncomfortable because I felt like I was under a microscope.

I deliberately dressed down the wardrobe that I carried down there because I wanted to blend in. That didn’t happen. With one look, Dominican’s knew that I was an American. For example, the morning of my first day, I sat in the lobby and watched the women walking down Calle de Sol and how the Dominican men reacted to them.

A Panamanian that was staying in the hotel walked in the door and spoke to everyone in the lobby in Spanish and then looked at me sitting in the back and said in English, “Hey man! How’s it goin’!”

I never met him or said a word but with one look he knew that I was an American. He asked me why I was in Santiago and after I told him women and he then began to run down what was up. I have to confirm with Sly that your best time will be had if you know someone down there that can give you the lay of the land.

I have a friend down there that helped me but if you don’t know anyone just be open and friendly and there are plenty of locals and out of town players that will befriend you. I met players there from the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin American and all of them were open and willing to share info since they were there for the same thing that I was…pussy.

Anyway, while I was talking to dude two blonde, white Latinas walked by the hotel and all of the Spanish speaking men collectively lost their fucking minds. Calle Del Sol is the main drag downtown and tons of gorgeous almond and brown skinned chicas strolled by earlier and the Hispanic men never turned their heads.

But when these two white bitches strolled by they all collectively lost it. So I quickly discovered that the ideal (for them) is white. However, they like them supa thick like most brothas in the states with big tits, hips and ass.

What that means is that there is a huge untapped (pun intended) market of colored women who are not getting play like the white Latinas.

Exploit it!

So these two white bitches walk by and dude is like, “…so you gonna get some of that while you’re down here?”

I replied that I wanted to sample darker, varying shades of the local pussy and dude literally turned up his nose. What amused me about his response was that he was dark as midnight and he was tripping that I was interested in fucking women who were not the complete opposite of him.

Which leads to my next observation about DR and the Latinos visiting from other countries. They are...prejudice…but they can turn it off.

What I mean by that is for example I live in Cincinnati and one day when I was walking home from work this white couple wearing jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes were walking about five steps in front of me and they had the nerves to look back at me concerned every two minutes as if I had the intention of robbing them.

I was working for Procter & Gamble at the time so I was wearing a Hugo Boss suit, leather dress shoes and carrying a P&G issued briefcase and these fucks still had the audacity to trip.

All they saw was the color of my skin. They couldn’t turn it off even though my style of dress showed they need not be concerned and that my station was probably far exceeding theirs.

Domincan's on the other hand are prejudice but they can turn it off. This prejudice revolves around economics and they assume that the darker your complexion the less well-off that you are. So in my case those inclined to trip on a dark-skinned person would look me up and down and then…immediately…check themselves.

I found this refreshing.

With that said… Floss all your shit while there! Status is king in DR so if you got it… Floss it…

So dude continued to attempt to convince me to fuck white Dominicans while I was there and he said that Club Level was the spot to find them. I can’t confirm or deny that since I didn’t go but if you’re interested in white Dominicans check it out.

I continued to take in Calle del Sol for a while and then I left to meet one of the ladies that I was talking to online for lunch. She spoke decent English so I decided to get with her first. We talked about her divorce and why her husband was jealous and beat her and she told me flat out that she didn’t like Dominican men.

This in fact was the general theme with all of the women that I met in DR. That they didn’t like Dominican men because they felt that all they wanted to do was fuck, were jealous/violent and disrespectful.

I then asked her what she thought of Machismo and she went off getting real animated about how she hated it. I then knew that I needed to go at her and the other females I planned on seeing there on an old school courting a bitch perspective and not be as direct as I am in the states so that I would appear totally opposite to their view of Latino men.

So we finished lunch and I asked her out for a late dinner. She accepted, then I pulled out a bottle of perfume that I bought her before I came down and presented it as a gift. I don’t remember whose post I saw this tip on but I’m going to find your post and give you major cred points because…this was the best fucking advice about going to DR on the Roosh Forum site.

So I presented her with the gift and told her some bullshit about how I painstakingly searched for a fragrance that matched her style and beauty and I swear this bitch creamed her panties. So I bounced and went back to my hotel where my friend picked me up.

He showed me the lay of the land and bitched about the local politics and then we went over to his place to kick it because his girlfriend wanted me to meet one of her cousins who lived outside Bonao. So we chill for a bit, and the girl calls saying that she needs to be picked up from the bus station.

So my friend tells me and I think, “…pick her up from the bus station?” , and trip. I forgot where I was. So we go to the bus station and wait for her bus to get there and after about ten minutes I walk across the street to get some coconut juice from a street vendor.

I get my coconut juice and head back to my friend’s car and this chick with a do-rag on is standing next to it. So my friend introduces me but I really don’t look at her because I can’t get over that she rolled up on the bus and has a fucking do-rag on. Again, I forgot where I was.

So we go back to my friend’s place and he translates conversation between us because she doesn’t speak any English but I don’t have much to say because she’s…wearing a fucking do-rag.

Anyway, my friend’s girlfriend rolls up with an armful of groceries (I love how Dominican women take care of their man) walks in the door, sees her cousin and then starts going off on her in Spanish. Even though I don’t speak it, I understand much of it when I hear it so I knew that she was going off on her about her hair and she snatches her out of the chair and pulls her into the bathroom.

So they leave the room and I start going off on my friend about do-rag girl and he cuts me off and checks me hard. He explains that most people there don’t have a car and even if you do the roads are so bad that most people take the bus between cities to prevent damaging their vehicle.

He then explained that within a city public transportation consists of either a moped or car that runs a route like a bus. Since a moped only has one seat and a car four, several “buses” can go by before you can get a ride.

So a twenty minute trip for someone in the states could take forty-five minutes to two hours in the DR with public transportation which most people in the DR will ride because a taxi is too expensive for most of them.

He then told me that girlfriend had to catch two modes of public transportation then hopped a commercial bus to come and see me and that she had her hair wrapped because most women in the DR relax their hair like sistas in the states and travel that way because it takes so long that they don’t want to mess up their hair.

He then confirmed my idea of taking a courting approach with the women there when he said that the women there preferred dating foreigners to try to build a relationship because they felt with Dominican men it wasn’t a matter of…if…they…would leave them but…when.

With this bit of intel, I then realized that my best chance of repeated fucks would be to arrange for the women’s transportation. I had a dedicated taxi driver that I used exclusively (I highly recommend this) and I had him pick up and drop off all of my dates. I wouldn’t advise driving in Santiago but if you want to hit a chic repeatedly I’d strongly advise that you pick her up and drop her off if you don’t pay for her transportation.

Dully checked, the women eventually came out of the bathroom and I was like, “Ohhhh my damn”, after seeing girlfriend with her hair down. She was fione.

So I talked through my friend for a while and then the women prepared dinner. I didn’t eat that much because I was still full from lunch and planned on doing a late dinner with my online friend. My friend’s girlfriend was offended but I assured her that I really wasn’t a fan of pasta (she cooked spaghetti with shrimp which she felt was a big deal).

On a side note, I found the food in Santiago lousy in general. Their food is very bland. However, if you eat at someone’s house clean your plate if possible to not offend your host or bring a very nice gift to smooth things over.

So we chatted until girlfriend had to leave to catch the bus back to Bonao and before she left I set a date with her and presented her with a bottle of perfume and like the first chic she creamed her panties as well.

I then gave my friend’s girlfriend the free gift that I got with one of the bottles of perfume and she lost her fucking mind (I’m serious) and forgot that I didn’t eat her food.

So she left with her cousin and my friend took me back to my hotel.

I chilled at the hotel until the time got close to my date and then showered and changed. My driver picked up me up, then my date and we went to Marisco Center.


So we get to the spot, and a difference with Santiago women became quickly apparent. When I’m in the states with a date, I will walk behind her and place my hand on her hip to guide her in the direction that I want her to go.

So when I got out of the cab, I automatically did the same thing with my date and she was totally confused not knowing what the fuck I wanted her to do. So after several unsuccessful stops and starts, I finally just took her by the hand and…led…her to where I wanted to go.

So although Dominican women say that they don’t like Machismo they are hard-wired to defer and serve a man. So don’t give them an option. It will only confuse them. Just tell them what you want them to do. You’ll see what I mean as I expand on my dates.

I picked a secluded table on the terrace and after we said salute over our first drink she then starts thanking me again for the bottle of perfume and took it out of her purse in the fucking box telling me how I had good taste.

We chat through dinner and after we are done eating she starts up again about the perfume and how she loves how it smells on her. She then leans over into my space extending her neck asking me to smell her.

Now in the states I’d see that as an invitation to attack but with the language issues and different culture I wasn’t sure so I just sniffed at her neck and said, “muy bien”.

Then she asked me what I thought of her and I fed her some bullshit that I don’t remember. She then replied, “I think you are very handsome. Very respectful. And very shy.”

I thought, “Shy… Bitch, you do not know me.”

However, my reply was, “We’re in public so I’m being a respectful gentleman. After dinner, I’ll be more than happy to thoroughly disrespect you however you like.”

She looked at me confused and after several attempts to explain I finally just stated, “I’m a gentleman.”

My game contains a lot of innuendo and humor, but it flat out did not translate into Spanish. So if your game is similar don’t bother. Just keep it simple.

We finished dinner and then I took her inside where we lounged on a love seat that sat by a set of doors that led to the courtyard. In the courtyard they had a live merengue band which makes Marisco Center a good spot to eat, chill, or dance.

Although I enjoyed the spot, I was disappointed because I wanted to experience the different varieties of color but I quickly discovered that the more upscale the establishment the whiter the patrons became.

You need to keep that in mind if you’re on the prowl for pussy because most of the locals kick it by color. If you want a chocolate chick you need to know where the chocolate folk hang out. If you want a light brown chick you need to know where the light brown folk hang out. And so on.

So we got real cozy and eventually girlfriend made another statement about me being shy. I was like, “What the fuck?”, and asked her what she meant. We went back and forth because of language issues and eventually ended up on the subject of romance.

Girlfriend made a sour face and said, “Romance is okay every now and then but when its right people should just grrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, and she growled real cute and acted like she was grabbing someone.

I thought, “Ohhh so you want a black man to just take your shit!”

So I scooped her up and tongued her down a bit before telling her to call the taxi so I could take her back to the hotel and disrespect her just like I promised.

Which leads to my next observation, although Dominican women complain that all the local men want to do is fuck, fuckin’ is on their minds just as much. You just need to chill and work for it a bit and the panties fall right off.

The next day, my friend from Villa Gonzales came down to spend the day with me. I sent my taxi to pick her up and I had him take us just up the street to Pez Dorado for lunch.


I picked the spot because they had Wiifi so I could use my iPad to translate because girlfriend didn’t speak any English.

Also, since I couldn’t depend on my date to translate for me, I put together three small lists of Spanish statements. One list was for getting around (i.e., Write down how much I owe. ; Check please.; etc). A second list was for flirting (i.e., I love your eyes; I want to bite your butt; etc). And the last list was for conversation that I planned on bringing up that revolved on pictures that I wanted to share with her (i.e., this is my house; this is my car; etc).

So I told the driver where I wanted to go and he did a double take and said, “Ohhhhhh”. After seeing his reaction, my date then asked him about where we were going and after he rattled off some shit in Spanish she looked impressed.

We got to the place and personally I thought it was a dump. However, the locals with fame and/or money frequent the spot so you will win points if you take a date. So I break out the iPad and tell her how I’m so glad to finally meet her… Blah…blah…blah… Google Translate is a wonderful thing.

We had a nice lunch (conversing…the food sucked) and then I took advantage of her hard-wiring by telling her that I wanted to take her somewhere more comfortable to talk and on the way I planned on stopping in a few stores.

I then took her by the hand and led her everywhere I wanted to go eventually marching her ass back to the hotel. We got to the hotel and she began to tense up a bit. Continuing to hold her hand, I marched her to the elevators and when the door opened to one I signaled with my hand that she should get on.

Her face tensed and she looked a little pissed and I signaled for her to get on again with a nonchalant look on my face. She then got on and I took her to my floor which also housed a restaurant, lounge, workout and conference room.

I then fucked her up by taking her into the conference room because they were waxing the floors in the lounge. I sat her down and said, “un momento”, and went to my room to get my laptop and the bottle of perfume I bought for her.

So I opened up the laptop, and then presented her with a gift of perfume like I did the other women and you should have seen the look on her face. She damn near melted from me not taking her to my room and giving her the perfume. She…thought…I was being so kind and respectful.

As she stared at me beaming I thought, “Ohhhh you poor foolish lil thing. I cannot wait to get to that gorgeous ass of yours bent over something.”

We talked for a while and then I had her pose for me so I could snap off some pics. Now I remembered how Sly fucked up taking pictures of women on his trip and I didn’t want to make the same mistake. So between each of my dates, I offloaded all of the pics of other women on the phone and copied all of theirs back. So every time that they asked to see their pics, the only thing they saw was my site seeing shots and pictures of them.

You may think doing that is a lot of effort but I’m glad that I did It because this chica wanted to go through my pics the next time that I saw her to see what I was doing when she wasn’t with me.

She eventually asked me if she could use my bathroom and I smiled when she did because there was one in the room and the open door sat right across the table from her. Continuing to smile, I glanced at the door and then back at her.

She looked in the direction of my eyes and then stammered something in Spanish looking surprised because she knew damn well that there was a bathroom in the room. My nonchalant and reserved behavior had paid off and she was indirectly letting me know that she was now ready to give me some pussy.

Before she could finish stammering I said, “No problemo… Mi banya”, and took her to my room.

I lay on the bed and without a second’s hesitation she joined me on it after doing whatever in my bathroom. We watched a little TV and she pointed at the coffee machine and made a statement.

I thought she wanted some coffee and nodded that it was alright for her to make some. She brewed a pot, poured a cup and then offered it to me. I said, “no gracias”, but she insisted saying that she made it for me so I sipped on it a bit.

It tripped me out that she looked for a way to wait on me like that but her actions reinforced my perception that Dominican women are hard-wired to serve a man and the more they are feeling you the more they want to serve you.

We continued to kick it, and she made a statement about my pants and then pulled on my pocket. I didn’t’ pick up my iPad because I was playing around trying to talk to her in Spanish so I replied, “te gusten mis pantalones?”

She busted out laughing and shook her head no.

I then said, “los pantalones de color negro?”

She laughed at me again and asked me something with the word “beso” in the sentence.

I was like, “Beso… I know that word. Beso…”. Before I could figure out what she wanted she gave me a fire kiss ending it by biting my bottom lip. Then she made the statement about my pants again and pulled on my pocket smiling.

Now I knew what she wanted and I said, “Ohhhhhh… You wanna suck on a black man’s dick!”

So I let her and it was on once again.

The next day I did a little site seeing and that night I got back with my English speaking Latina and went to Camp David Ranch.


Again, I had my cab driver pick her up. She got in the cab, gave me a kiss and then motioned at the dress she was wearing. I told her that she looked nice and she was like, “…I wore this for you. Remember, you said that you wanted to see me in a dress.”

Now the previous night that we went out I was just flirting with her and I mentioned that I wish she had worn a dress instead of pants so that I could see her legs. She took that comment and put one on the next date to please me. Yet again showing they are hard-wired to cater to a man.

Camp David was pretty chill, sitting on a mountain overlooking the city. Besides the ambiance, this spot is nice because all of the Dominican ballers floss their top bitch at the spot. Go on a Friday or Saturday night and you will see some very bad white Dominican’s that are all hella thick, bangin’ with big tits, hips and ass.

As the thick bitches pranced around, my date jealously commented on how Dominican men liked the women “grande” and I thought, “…don’t we all.”

She then actually apologized to me for not having a bigger ass. Now this chic was bangin’ with curves on top of curves and she apologized to me for not being the Dominican “ideal”. In fact…all…of my dates at some point apologized to me for not being the Dominican “ideal”.

That shows how mind fucked the people are there with a media that only has white Latino’s depicted. So we continued to kick it and I was enjoying the music and scene when girlfriend asked me if she could go to the bathroom.

“Okay… Go pee pee”, I thought.

I really wasn’t paying attention to her at the time and she reached out and took my hand to get my full attention. I looked at her and she asked, “Is it okay?”

I tripped because she was asking me for permission and I shook my head yes. I don’t think there was a misunderstanding on my part because of language; I really think she was asking for permission.

A little later, she asked if we could go outside to the deck overlooking the city so we did. Although I was amused that she did want to go outside though because of her negative comment about romance the other night that we went out.

So I pushed up on her outside for a bit and then took things back inside.

So we sit back down and girlfriend…thanks…me for coming back inside because her feet were beginning to hurt. Again this shows how Dominican women will defer pretty much everything to you so you need to think of …everything…because they want to be led completely.

I asked girlfriend if she had ever been done on the mountain. “Have …I …been done” , she asked confused.

“Has anyone ever…fucked…you up here”, I clarified. I knew she understood the word fuck since she heard it enough from me on the previous night.

She smiled and I got a room.

The next day I kicked it with my Bonao friend. So when we hooked up that afternoon I took her to Plaza International, which is Santiago’s ghetto mall.


If I hadn’t already set up dates beforehand, I would have been on the prowl here because there were tons of gorgeous single women there from…all…complexions. Plaza International was the only melting pot of different types of Dominican’s that I saw there. So if you’re on the hunt, check the place out on a Saturday.

So we got to the mall and my date was very nervous because of the language issues and I marched her upstairs to the food court, sat down at a table and pulled out the iPad. A Latino dude watched the whole thing and he snickered at me when I looked in his direction with a look that said, “You don’t speak Spanish. You are not gonna hit that!”

I ignored him and then laid out what we were going to do at the mall. Basically programming her. I told her that I was going to take her to different stores and I wanted her to try on outfits and shoes so that I could see her style and what she liked.

She became relaxed and animated liking what I wanted to do and excited that we had a way to communicate and she started firing questions at me on my iPad. So we chat for a bit and I glanced back at dude who was still in the same spot watching us and he gave me a nod of respect after he saw how I was playing it.

So with her programmed, I took her by the hand and walked the mall. Stopping at stores where I wanted her to try shit on. She was happy modeling and I was happy watching her prance around.

Although I told her what I wanted her to do when we stopped at a store when we got to the first one she…insisted…that I tell her what…I…wanted to see her in. I really like how Dominican women defer to you in everything.

We eventually left the mall and went to Il Pasticcio for dinner.


This place was pretty chill, although it didn’t have Wiifi. But the food there was the best that I had in Santiago and was reasonably priced. This spot is a major meeting place for the well to do Domincans so if you’re looking for white ones you should invest time there to build relationships with the locals.

We planned on going to the movies later that evening, so after dinner I took her back to the hotel to attempt to wax that ass before the show. Now I thought, that she was going to be the easiest one to fuck but she ended up being the hardest. I got her back to the spot and she teased the hell out of me rolling around on my bed sticking her tight, round ass in my face every chance that she got.

So we went to the movies and then I had my driver take her to her cousin’s house where she spent the night.

The next day, I got back with my girl from Villa Gonzales and we went to Belle Terra Mall.


Belle Terra is Santiago’s high end mall and my driver told me that if you’re looking for single women the best time to visit the mall is during the day on weekdays because single white collar Dominican women visit the mall during those times to shop and eat lunch. He said all of this right in front of my chocolate honey disrespecting her.

We got to the spot and girlfriend appeared to be uncomfortable. We went to Tony Roma’s for lunch and I asked my waiter in English what was up with Belle Terra and he confirmed what my driver told me and said that Belle Terra was at its best late at night when the bars and theater was in full effect. He then told that I needed to check out the Hooters around the corner and I frowned because I was with a date and told him that I had never been impressed with any of their locations in the states.

He then was like, “You really need to go over there”, disrespecting my chocolate honey as my date listened to our conversation confused.

So we finished lunch and I told my date with my iPad that I wanted to walk around the mall. She replied by shaking her head no emphatically and asked if we could go back to the hotel. Confused, but cool with her request we sat down outside and waited for my driver to come pick us up as I wondered if her issue with being there was because of her skin tone or economics.

I looked around and she was the darkest thing there so I think that it was a little bit of both so my advice if you’re flossing a darker Dominican at an upscale location is spend some pesos and upgrade her beforehand so that she will be more comfortable if she is not fly.

So we went back to the spot and I let girlfriend wait on me and drain my dick again.

The next day I got back with my girl from Bonao and since she didn’t hook me up with some pussy on the previous date I took her to Hooters at Bella Terra so that I could see what all of the fuss was about. It was a little after 2pm on a Monday when we got out there and sure enough the place was packed with tons of white collar Dominican women.

So we went into Hooters and I had to fight to keep my composure because unlike the states where you see a gang of skinny white girls with big tits, no hips or ass. In the DR it’s completely the opposite with chicks bangin’ in all three areas.

So we have some drinks and on the second round this fione waitress comes over to my table, camps out and starts asking me tons of questions in English while totally ignoring my date. I assumed that she was hating on my date because she was several shades lighter than her.

And although the waitress was bad and I was having a wonderful time checking her out while keeping a neutral expression on my face , I learned a long time ago that pussy in hand was better than pussy in the bush.

Meaning that I had a better chance fucking the one that I already went out with versus a female that may have only been interested in throwing salt into my game. I glanced over at my date on the fourth question and she appeared to be getting pissed as she was staring straight into the waitresses’ mouth.

I had the feeling that she was picking up some of the conversation so even though the waitress was hotter than my date, I blew off her next question and told her to tell my date that after she finished her drink that I wanted to take her somewhere nicer where we could relax.

The waitress got pissed, leaned back a bit in her chair and glared at me. “Tell her what I said”, I repeated again firmly. The waitress hesitated then slowly turned to my date and told her what I said and my date appeared to visibly relax and looked down in thought obviously liking the fact that I was recognizing her.

Since the gentlemanly nice route didn’t get me any ass with her, I switched tactics and went bad boy, googling my name and then went to the photos page. “Mi libra…”, I stated as I handed her my iPad so that she could see the covers of my erotic books with me on most of them.

Her eyebrows raised as she scrolled through the pictures then she gave me a sideways smile and said in broken English, “Mi like this job… Better than you day job.”

“Ohhhhh so you do speak English”, I exclaimed. To which she shook her head laughing and said, “Un poco.”

Then she got real animated, pointed at herself and said, “Mi en su libra?”

I replied on my iPad that she needed to pose a bit for me so I could see if she was sexy enough for one of my books and she jumped up and started poising for me.

So after taking some pics and video of her I told her that I wanted to do a photo shoot of her back at the hotel to which she joyfully agreed. So we left Hooters and went to an outdoor bar at Bella Terra where I put a few more drinks into her before taking her back to the spot for her “photo shoot”.

The only other thing that I want to touch on my trip was that I didn’t like hitting the ATM every day to get cash. Tons of sites strongly advised not pulling out the credit card so I didn’t but I was initially uncomfortable with someone noticing a routine of me going to the ATM.

However, I soon lost that discomfort because the bank that I visited everyday had a shotgun armed guard sitting in the door.

So that was my experience in the DR. You don’t need to be fluent in Spanish to get laid. Just do some leg work beforehand.

In closing, I’d like to make some observations about Roosh forum that I mentioned several times in this blog post. As I stated earlier, I found the site when researching how to approach Dominican women. It’s…allegedly…a site where players can share game.

However, the “game” that the majority of the dudes on that site use is playing the numbers game with one liners randomly hitting on as many women as they can until they get a bite and then trying to get them drunk to get into their panties.

That’s not game.

This is evidenced by most of them bragging about the 8-10s that they only want to hit once. Who would only want to do Hally Berry once if she opened her legs to you? Seriously?

They can only hit once because they get it with mind altering drugs and lack the…game…to continue to get it.

A true playa can finesse the panties off a female without getting her tore up and has the…game… to continue hitting it…even…when the female knows that he has other females on the side.


So if you want to pick up on game you need to go somewhere else. However, there are a few tidbits on travel that you can find by browsing the forums.

That’s my two cents on Santiago. Good hunting.




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