It really irritates me listening to Beta males bragging about getting pussy.  The major irritant as they tell their boring tales of 5-15 minute sex, is that from their stories it's blatantly obvious that they do not have a clue in what it takes to really turn a woman on.

Most men just rip into dry or partially moist pussy before a woman is sufficiently turned on and they think that just because she gets wet after the fact that they are doing something.

While others apply the "lick it before sticking it" technique getting the pussy ready with saliva versus the woman's personal juices.

All of these methods are woefully inadequate  to really giving a woman the mind blowing sex that she craves and dreams about.

The picture that I attached to this post is of my sub Chastity where I'm inspecting her juice box to see if she is sufficiently wet before I decide to play with her.  

That's right.  In every session that I have with her it's Chasity's job to have her pussy wet and dripping before I even touch her. When I have her hike it up for inspection it better be juicy and sticking or dripping down her thighs or boy is she gonna get it!

After she's proved that she's ready...then I give her a through tongue lashing because she's given me a very delicious reason to.  I never lick the pussy to get it ready.

Just look how wet her tight and tasty pussy is on this pic!

So how do you do it?  How do you make a woman dripping wet by doing nothing more than walking into the room?

Before you fuck her...  You fuck the sex organ between her ears.  Her brain.

Sex for a woman is primarily a mental thing.  Having good dick is secondary, however, you need to have it in order to follow thru with turning a woman out if you're good at mind fucking her first.

First, let's take a little quiz in order to determine if you have good dick.  If you fail this test then don't bother reading the rest of this post because you'll never be able to turn a woman out.  Just find a nice stud or dom who'd be happy to handles those duties for you and you can take satisfaction in financially providing for her like a good boyfriend or husband.  

Don't get mad if what I'm saying applies to you!  After all, if you really love your woman you'll do everything to make sure that she's completely happy.  Even if it means letting a real man fuck her from time to time.

But I digress.  How do you know if you have good dick?  If you can consistently make a woman do any two of the following then you got good dick:

  • Make her have multiple orgasms before you have one.  The key here is stamina.  You gotta have it!  The minimum goal that you should shoot (no pun intended) is three nuts busted all over your dick to every one of yours.
  • The 'Ewwwww Weeeee!' factor.  You will get this exclamation (with black women) after you get the coochie for the first time because you are tearing it up and girlfriend didn't expect all that so she'll exclaim 'Ewwwww Weeeee!' in shock repeatedly while you're getting it. Other ethnicities will spout similar utterances ( i.e., White girls - 'Ohhhhhh Wowwww!'; Hispanic girls - 'Iiiieeee Papi!")
  • No Mas! - You beatin' the pussy up so good that girlfriend runs from the dick and begs you for a break and/or nap before you get back up in it.
  • Speaking in tongues. - The overwhelming power of the GD is evident when you make a woman have a religious experience when she breaks off speaking in tongues.
  • Uncontrollable crying - You diggin' ole girl out and she breaks off into slob and mucus sobbing mess.  Don't worry.  You ain't hurting her.  She just goin' through some thangs.  Keep knockin' her back out!
  • She wants your baby. - The dangerous side of having good dick is that she want you to get her pregnant.  You can be seeing a bitch for all of 2 weeks and you're running through the gamut of your fuck faces while you're diggin' her out.  Girlfriend will know  that your about to bust and know damn well that she's ovulating but she won't give a fuck when she reaches up to caress your face with tears streaming from her eyes when she begs, "...cum in me!".
  • Transcendence - The ultimate expression of the GD is making her bust so hard that when she opens her eyes she sees you on top of her bangin' her brains out from her spiritual form that floating on the ceiling!

If you have made a woman experience at least two of these things then you just may have good dick.  Keep reading.

So how do you bundle the good dick and have her soaked as soon as you walk in the room?  

Fuck her brain with verbal foreplay.

  • Before you have sex
  • While you're having sex
  • After you have sex

What I like to do is actually choreograph a scene down to the letter and before the 'event' as I like to call it give her exact details of the scene and all of the nasty things that I want to do to her.

If she balks at anything that I say that I'm going to do I tell her that I'm going to take it.

Every day up to the event we talk about the scene.

Now as you take the time to tell her all of the nasty things that you want to do to her she may not say much of anything.  She may just giggle and ask if you're serious or call you nasty.  She may not say much of anything but please believe she will be playing with her pussy imagining being the centerpiece of your sexual feast.

The day of the event you simply need to follow thru with every naughty thing that you talked about and give her the good dick to reinforce the fantasy that you put in her mind.

Dick her down and once your done talk to her about what she liked, how she liked it, and how she wants it in the future.

Give her the same level of mental foreplay each and every time you get with her and she'll be soaked simply from the sound of your voice.


Copyright (c) 2015 Euftis Emery 


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