Whose your Daddy?

Hey Daddy,

I have a problem that I hope that you can help me with. I have a long-distance friend (let's call him Kyle) who likes to listen to me having sex with other men. After little over a year, I finally went to visit with him over a weekend. I had a great time with him and on my second day there he surprised me and had his boy (let's call him Cliff) come over to fuck me with him.

A couple of weeks after I got back, Kyle called me upset because his dumb ass didn't lock down his computer and his girlfriend saw the x-rated video that we had made. He never mentioned having a girlfriend and when I called him on it he apologized for lying by omission.

Now mind you I still would have done him if I had known about his girlfriend but it pissed me off that he didn't tell me about her.

Well, I have continued to talk to Kyle and I talk to Cliff as well with me and Cliff getting pretty close. Close to the point that Cliff wants to fly me out to see him but he doesn't want me to tell Kyle.

I want to see Cliff but I'd like to see Kyle again as well so I don't know what to do. Guess I complicated things by fucking two friends.

Ms. Complicated,

Looks like you're scared that you're going to violate the, 'friend rule'. If you're in a monogamous relationship with someone it's a major no-no to turn around and do one of their friends. It's an unspoken rule that people know and abide by in high school.

However... There are exceptions to this rule. Let me give you an example. I have a friend that I was seeing who is bi-sexual and during one of my visits to see her she requested that her best friend (who is straight) kick it with us.

Now her girl is...bangin...and we mutually hit it off. So the next time that I rolled through town my girl was out of state so I hit up her best friend.

We kicked it, and once my girl found out about it she called me a tad bit irate. I broke it down to her that the, 'friend rule didn't apply' so she needed to chill. She asked how I could say that and I let her know that it didn't apply because she was bi-sexual with a...preference...for pussy. So since she...preferred...pussy there really wasn't a chance for us to ever have a serious relationship. Thus the 'friend rule' didn't apply and that's why I hit up her friend.

Now my girl didn't like what I said but she had to woman-up and admit to herself that I had a point.

So in your case Ms. Complicated my advice to you is to go see Cliff since Kyle lied to you by omission about his girlfriend. Since Kyle is in a relationship already he really can't be in one with you so you don't need to be pressed about doing his friend.

In your case I think it would be best for you and Cliff to give Kyle a heads up because you don't want them to lose their friendship over pussy. But bottom line, Kyle needs to be an adult and deal with reality.

Whose your Daddy?

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