There are dozens of books with tips and tricks about how to correctly perform fellatio that will curl any man’s toes, but there still seems to be a great number of women who just can’t seem to get it right.

I get so many emails about how to reduce the gag reflex or how to achieve the “deep throat” technique, but before trying to master any of the required skills to give variety blow job, there is one ULTIMATE tip that needs to be understood and absorbed into the brain of every woman that wants to become an oral sex master.

Before learning any type of oral sex technique, A WOMAN MUST ENJOY GIVING!

She has to enjoy the feel of a penis in her mouth, feel comfortable in positions of submission, and realize the power she possesses by having a man by his balls (literally). This may seem like something that any woman would be able to achieve, but there seems to only be a few who sincerely enjoy sucking and slurping on a man’s mini me.

When a woman enjoys going down, the emotion is translated into energy that can be felt through every tongue stroke. There is a certain sense of care and love that a man can feel when his partner is having a great time and taking particular care in making sure he enjoys himself as well.

If you are a woman that:

(a) doesn’t like how a penis looks

(b) is too prudish to touch a penis

(c) doesn’t like semen or seminal fluid or

(d) judges herself and thinks she will be labeled a “whore” for giving head, then becoming a pro at oral sex is something that you will never achieve.

If you love your partner, then you should love his penis, and also have an understanding that he would never label the woman he loves as a “whore” if she wants to give him the ultimate privileged a man can receive.

If you are a woman who wants to become better at pleasing her partner orally, leave your inhibitions at the door and learn to love his penis!



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