Love and Pride


I can't give it all away but if you ask me I will always be true as I know it.....

For years women have been printing lists, manuals and recently full-length novels dedicated solely to helping other women get men. Women have been studying and practicing these lessons to many degrees of success as far as getting a man. Any man. These tips are specifically for ladies who like real niggas(R.N). If you don't know what a R.N is then these tips probably aren't for you. But if you know you like macks, playas and the occasional "pimpish" nigga here are a few commonly over looked suggestions for improving your game when dealing with the above average nigga.

First tip; Be cool. You have to maintain some aloofness even when you are super attracted to a man. If he cant keep it cool i.e. he acts like its love at first sight re-evaluate if this is the "nigga" you want. A R.N. will always keep it cool that's why you want him. If he can't chances are there is some B.N. (bitch nigga) in him.

Don't ever ask a man who he is "dealing with" i.e. fucking. There are SO many rules and applications to this rule but I will keep it short and sweet here. Two reasons; first, you should assume under the rule of three that everybody is "dealing" with someone. You probably are "talking" to a few niggas yourself and if that's true, you never want to put you in a position to lie. A R.N. will sense this and immediately downgrade you to potential "jump-off". Don't ever ask a question you don't want to be asked back or set yourself up to tell lie.

If a man asks you a question don't ever hesitate to not answer. Sometimes we ask questions just to ask questions not because we really want to know the answers. So to break yourself of this habit break other people. Stop asking the questions you would not want to answer yourself. Most women spend so much time talking about themselves and why they are so wonderful you give the man enough time to see exactly what is not so great about you right off. You can' be a good listener because you talk too much. Basically you cant "peep" what's up with him because you are telling what's up with you. So *rule* don't talk so much. Spend time asking him questions to get to know him( not the forbidden questions). Real questions, then really listen. He eventually will tell you (or show you) everything you need to know. Which brings me to the second tip; Be into HIM.

Although the first date or meeting is an opportunity to feel a person out, do just that. FEEL them out. Look him in the eyes. Watch his mannerisms. Check out his shoes, his watch and check out what he's noticing about you. Do give him a compliment if your moved to. Most importantly, listen. To him, not your internal dialogue.

Rule of engagement number three; Quit trying to "work with" every nigga. Again ladies yes, we are responsible for the relationship we have with our man but that does not mean that every nigga that seems to be a good one but just has 'a few flaws' does not mean you have to be the one to work with him. Once you make up in your mind that you will work with a nigga your vibe changes to attract many of the niggas that need work. Men are hunters too they sense weakness just like we do so they tend to go for the chicks they don't have to be one hundred with. Make up in your mind a reasonable list of things you want a man to do or have the potential for and stick to it but allow for certain variables i.e. undeniable attraction(try to keep cool!).

Now as women we claim to know allot of things but the one thing we need to know and except is often times the hardest lesson of all. Tip number four; KNOW when you're wrong.

Emphasis on the 'know' part. Now admitting when your wrong is a whole different lesson we will get into at a later time. Right now let's focus on the small of just knowing. Many women have false impressions of what a man would put up with or should take from a women usually due to poor advice or sad examples of women around them. Just put everything that sister so and so at church(who's never even seen a dick)told you and your auntie that can NEVER keep a man around (unless its after dark) right out of your head( will explain about listening to other bitches). There are many things that a real woman can and would never want to do to a R.N and there is certain shit that you do not want a R.N to have to do.

If you fuck up and pursue a line of questioning that you shouldn't be on i.e. who he fucking or was fucking and that man looks you real hard in the eye and tells you to a.) straight up drop that shit or (which is worse) b.) He looks at you right in the eye and asks you if you really want to go there? If he does either of these things and it gives you pause, ladies, take the pause to think. First of all do you really want to go there? I mean is YOUR shit straight. If you know you dont have any unexplained lapses in time or that you HAVE been on your job of sucking this man off atleast two to three times a week and you been letting him hit the ass at least once a month...then you may precede at your own risk.

But if know your shit is not right i.e. you been "talking" to other men, you have let someone else take you out, or you have been fucking some else, TRUST when he says drop it. Because you will be getting yourself into a catch 22 situation. If you know he has reason to suspect you, he does. Men are not women they are not going to run to you with every lil thing, they going to let it build up into something big like when you bring up some shit to him (that you shouldn't) he will then bust you with it. So if you now you are not right, let it go.

I know your not gonna want to do that. Hell, some of us do not know how to let shit go. Whatever you do don't get indignant. Why you might ask? Don't try to act all offended If he suggests that your shit is not clean and please, please, please, do not make the mistake of demanding an apology for him suggesting such a thing. You will be worse off which ever way you go because you have now put him the position to have to bust you on GP (general principal).

You really don't want him to apologize if you know your wrong because in the end you will loose respect for him. Anytime we get something we know we don't deserve we don't appreciate it and eventually will loathe the person who gave it so freely.****BITCH NIGGA ALERT**** A R.N will not apologize regardless of how indignant we act if he knows we don't deserve it. Only a B.N would apologize just for the sake of keeping the peace. A R.N knows when he tells you to drop that shit, you will KNOW to drop it.

Last and finally on the EXTREMELY short list of how you can instantly up your game; Suck more dick.

There are so many sub-lessons to this one I am really doing an injustice to you ladies only giving you the abbreviated version but here I go. There are are certain things you have to do sexually to keep a R.N, seriously ladies. First of all you need to suck his dick. Not once or twice but at least twice a week. I know allot of ladies are like I don't suck dick. Ok, but I bet your the same ladies that I hear constantly complain that your man cheats on you. If a man tells you he wants a woman that sucks his dick and lets him fuck her in the ass, that's what he wants. Now just because you tell him you don't do that and he STILL sees you does not mean he has learned to "deal with out it". It means he gets it somewhere else. Anything you won't do there is a skank bitch that will. So you don't have to suck any dick or give up the ass as long as you don't trip when he "cheats".

Ladies, you can not break a real nigga sexually. Why would you want to?! If he tells you there is something that he needs sexually and you tell him he can't get it he will. From someone else...

Love and Pride


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